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Author Topic: LF>255/120 HIGH RATE 10K PRE-RE WOE ACTIVE w/ unique & creative Costumes  (Read 1844 times)

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Offline itloglog

Title says most of it but with regards to the costume, Im so fkn tired of those default servers with costumes dominated by wings. Wings there wings here, dont you have any creativity anymore? How do you expect your server to last if the cliche ragnarok experience is all you can give. Im looking for those costumes like the anime  ones like susanoos etc. It'll be really great as well if it's kiel based with no cast delay. So pitch your servers right, sell your server's edge. Thanks


Offline itloglog

anyone out there? Or atleast make one, I will assure you I'll bring 1 whole guild with me. Just please stop with the wings.  /sob

Offline Royr

Hi, I'm currently under-beta phase maybe you could give us a try?
And also I do have a bunch of costume items (no effects).


Server Information:

Download Links:

Creating Account:

Beta Information:

Email: [email protected]

After the Beta there will be rewards to those who participated during the Phases.
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Offline makoy

How about trying Rendezvous Ro?

although its only 200/70 and has 3rd jobs. they also got heagears like wings, auras, colored valk helms, susano, gaara's gourd , hollow mask, luffy hat, goku hair, etc..
Gms are very active too.. just try it. might be to your liking..

Offline alderaminro

Hi how about giving alderaminro a shot?

we're a 2nd trans server but with a unique system that is instant pots such as ygg berries are now over time heals and you can get 3rd job skills with our custom weapons, this makes the so called "build" unique to each player; More info in our website