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Author Topic: LF > 3rb Job server no delay no MVP cards  (Read 547 times)

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LF > 3rb Job server no delay no MVP cards
« on: Jan 19, 2018, 02:55 AM »
im looking for a server :

- 255 cap or more 500 cap max
- 3rb job ( if possible it includes the kagerou/oborou , rebellion and the other new jobs forgot the name actually :D )
- no skill cooldown
- no imba mvp cards ( such as valk randgris, thanatos, LHZ card, detale card )
- no edited cards ( except MFC / BKC like in xilero all stat +10 its ok )
- easy berry/seed
- no OP donation
- low status resist, since the server will be having huge stat ofc the normal resistant will be useless, so the owner need to change it in order for negative status can
  effect if someone using status card, like marina,magnolia,savage babe, metaller, plankton, familiar card etc
- disable icepick
- balanced damage ( if needed, such as ashura, tetra vortex or whatever skills that needed to be balanced )
- normal slot, i dont like a server with ridiculous slot, like an armor with 3 or 4 slots, or shield with 3 or 4 slots ( top headgear, i dont mind it to become 4 slot tho )
- PK system ofc

thats all i want to say
hope there is one
i know todays mindset will having a rough time to think about the server im looking for, but before the flaming on me started, i want to tell that there is a server like this before about 5 years ago or so, i forgot its name, it was a success, 400 - 500 players online and it was no @autotrade, balance classes, i was retired from RO since 4 years ago so i was looking for a server resemble like the last one i played (back then i was playing xilero it was around 2006 until 2009 and retired then few years onward i found the server like i mentioned above ) btw todays server is no good at all :P , i dont have fun playing it tho

thx before