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Author Topic: LF a server with easy drops/can be easily obtain custom headgears  (Read 2563 times)

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Offline Halluxinate

Hello, looking for a chill high to super high server where i can easily get custom headgears with an easy custom box containing headgears or it can be easily drop by monsters..  /wah


Offline Tontonyen


Not a Super High Rate server, but just launched a High Rate server. Max Level 255/255. We got custom monster drop boxes at 3%. Mini-bosses and MVP drops them. Items are easily obtainable through events, voting, and quests. Donation is pretty much obtainable as well (drops from mobs and hunting missions).

Anyways, would love to have you join us, if not, wish you best of luck.


Offline sanpedro

i dont know how much easier are u determined of , but theres a server which is are able to use @item command . try to have a visit at www.ratemyserver.org

Offline Godlikex

DivineRO man, the best server I've ever played so far.
Thousands of custom items & such an awesome community.
You should give it a chance :D

www.divine-ro.com  /no1

Offline EssenceRO

EssenceRO is known for its hundreds of customs!  Nearly every mob drops a headgear pertaining to it, and there's endless ways to achieve custom items by just attending the nearly 10 minigames we have active at least once an hour.  We're a hybrid pre-renewal server with decent rates of 75/75/50.

We're offering a guild package as well to those who join -- Check us out!

Offline Perry the Platypus

Little bit of a late reply but since you hadn't mentioned whether or not you've picked a server yet, I figured I'd throw this into the mix in case it's what you're looking for. :)

We have a ton of headgears at Anomaly Ragnarok Online, and we're adding more quite frequently (usually every couple weeks). We have a variety of shops for obtaining headgears, including plenty of quest headgears, as well as being able to get them through events, Zeny, and other methods.

The server itself isn't exactly designed to be easy (it's a bit of a blend of super high rate and low/mid rate elements), but everything is accessible to everyone, and with headgears all having the same effects you can pick whichever look you like best without worrying about getting the best effect. Most of the headgear quests take about an hour to complete.

You can take a look at our Currency Guide for a list of ways to get headgears, which also includes a link to each method with previews of all the headgears. Since you mentioned quests specifically, those can be found here.

And just to cover some of the basic server info, we're a super high rate (20k exp rates) with max level 500/200, and fully customize drop rates. We're planning to put a pretty big focus on PvM content in future updates, so there'll be plenty of quests available along with other content. We also have a number of client mods (such as integrated SimpleROHook), fully customized achievements/titles system, and since you like headgears, you may also be interested in our custom hair palette pack which consists of 181 hair colours and a separate option to change the colour of your hair accessories (hairties, ribbons, etc) if your hairstyle has any!

If you have any questions about the server before trying it out, feel free to contact me on our forums and I'll be happy to help you out!

Offline Halluxinate

Thanks so much for all the replies, Im gonna try all this servers! If anyone is still willing to add on this lists, they are free to comment. Thanks again!

Offline iamtheking

If you're looking for a best high rate Renewal server you can play, tryout "Ragnafied". This server is really good and very chill. If you wanna try out the new contents of Ragnarok, try this out.
ALL the items in the cash shop is soooooooo accessible because you can easily farm cash points so this server really takes the PLAY TO WIN mentality into a whole new level (LITERALLY).

PS: I'm not a moderator of the server. Just a plain new player who's been enjoying the server.

PPS: Don't get deceived by the number of players. The server has players from alot of different regions.