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Author Topic: LF a pre-re or classic server with least amount of customization  (Read 662 times)

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Offline m3ltzer

well im looking for a mid rate server pre-re or classic that can help me with my bloodthrist for pvp and WOE
currently im playing on a low rate server which i think i have maxed out my eq but they only have WOE on tuesday and saturday.
and their pvp is basically dead.
so im hoping to find another server that can fill my thirst for blood.

server preferences are :-

WOE and PVP active
50x ~ 250x rate
any population is okay as long as the PVP and WOE are alive
i want least amount of customization(no wings,no overpowered hats and aura)
just old plain ragnarok is good enough for me
and by the way thanks in advance.

hoping to find a great server and man do i wish ro would go back to its golden days.
peace out !
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