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Author Topic: Any Pre-renewal WITH 3rd class servers, that have adjusted it to be workable?  (Read 725 times)

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Offline Tinari

I would hope the subject it clear enough, but in case.

I was wondering if there are any servers that have introduced all the new classes and content of the game, but have taken time to try to rebalance and modify it so that it works better with PRE-RENEWAL mechanics?  I'm curious if that exists because it would be fascinating to me to play with/at above 99/70 of Transcendent but still have the game as it used to be.  I can't say I fully enjoy what renewal has done to the game overall, but at the same time, there's been no progress pre-renewal because... well, why would Gravity do that since they don't support pre-renewal?

Anyway, just curious.  Da!


Offline NitroAlien

as far as i know there exists pre-renewal servers before with third classes but that was the time that renewal was fairly new..right now there are tons of items, skills, monsters and things that need to be extensively reworked to fit in a pre-renewal setting but, if youd let me suggest a good server (well excellent server for me) that gives you a very close feel to pre-renewal but completely balanced and reworked so that builds that previously existed on pre-renewal are still usable i would recommend LeikaRO :D first time i played there gave me a very close feel to pre-renewal but with all renewal stuffs (well not all, cause the server owner always tries her best to rework and balance out new instances while adding more fun to it..)
the server doesnt have that much players cause right now because people are drawn in by sheer amount of numbers (some servers have very high player count but it turns out theyre just merchants and buffer alts..) and people are afraid to try out new things, but i do hope you give this server a try :D

i know this doesnt answer your query but, as a fellow ragnarok player, i was also searching for a pre-renewal server but has renewal stuffs before, and the only one i found that is very close, is LeikaRO.