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« on: Jun 09, 2013, 10:58 PM »
About Me

I played Ragnarok for an extended period of time when I was younger, primarily on low rates. I cannot tell you the ridiculous amount of nostalgia I have for AnimaRO and the friends I had there way back. It's weird to have that kind of attachment to a game or gaming community. I followed the server split to TalonRO where I played for quite a while. I tried a number of other private servers before eventually following out of it and taking a long gaming hiatus. I'm a PvP focused player, and have a very strong disdain for the very idea of farming or doing anything PvM related but I do what I have to. That being said, this will be a fairly limited review focused on PvP, the economy, the community, etc.

Getting Started in VcryRO

The first thing I noticed upon starting was that the training grounds NPC said "u" instead of "you," which was a relatively large turn-off for me. That being said, there was little else to complain about. I experienced no lag at first, I was set up with some blessing and AGI+ scrolls, fly wings, an angeling backpack... and I went on my way. Leveling was easy due to the rates, quests (whatever that sharp leaf one is called), and some sweet new dungeons I had not seen before. Maxing out in a couple hours should be no difficult task for anyone stepping into the server, and those wishing to get custom headgears or items can easily jump into the automated events, vote for points, or donate.

The Community

Is so hit or miss it hurts. There are some great people here, actively working to gear themselves, level guildies, and pretty much living in the battlegrounds. Unfortunately there have been a TON of lousy folks here making things rough early on. An example is an individual calling someone racist/prejudice names and then upon being reported, him and pretty much that entire guild went on a GM witch hunt. All they do is cry about the GM corruption which is, to the rest of us, non-existent. They use the presence of donation gear, which I know a lot of us have purchased for a fact, as evidence because how nuts is it that someone actually try to help the new server out... Either way, they plague the forums, #main, and the RMS reviews as of late. I have met several groups of individuals that just want to play and have fun though, and they have been making my time there worth it.

The GM's

You can tell they're trying hard, the head GM Vcry obviously works his butt off. Unfortunately there were issues with DDoS attacks early on and despite a server move and new protection, the server host ran into issues right after that and needed to do emergency maintenance. This has caused long downtime and lag the past 4 or 5 days and it is supposed to be corrected on the 10th. These factors are really out of our hands from what I see, but have nonetheless hurt server morale and faith in the GM's. I do not appreciate the fact that GM's openly argue with players in main, or type like they're 6 years old on a regular basis. The server owner has defended these GM's and claims the one people complain about most often is his cousin, and this nepotism is almost certainly the largest problem with the server.

The Economy

Is awful. People frequently sell things unbelievably easy to farm for disgusting amounts of money, as a result nothing gets sold and nothing gets purchased. A large influx of zeny recently occurred also after individuals duped about a zillion Mi Gaos and farmed gold bars. Actions have been taken to prevent it now, though.


Could be better. I personally would like a PvP arena to sit, hang out, and duel with friends. There is not one though, for some reason. BG is fun but people regularly use it to farm points by placing multiple alts in the same game and doing nothing. The GM added an @reportafk feature to eliminate this but folks are still trying. Only WoE happened so far but it was at 7am PST/10am EST so no one participated. I believe the goal was to appeal to the largely pinoy playerbase but it didn't work out, because none of the North American players seemed interested.

My Thoughts Toward VcryRO

I was excited to jump back into RO. I first went to TalonRO but wasn't able to get into it this time, not for anything being with the server, but rather because I feel like I just didn't want to deal with the long gear and level grind this time around. I was also looking for a fresh server where we were all just sort of scrambling, rather than trying to step into an established community. Donations are balanced, the GM is working hard (though the other GM's are awful, hardly ever around, and not very numerous), and in general I believe the server has been designed and balanced VERY well. It could be a great WoE server in the future, as that is definitely where this server is going to press the envelop if it does anywhere... but if they don't get over this hump it will die very early in. I understand the lag was at no fault to the staff, but a number of the players do and it is affecting reviews and attitudes in game. Some of those banned (deservingly) have been coming up with all sorts of stories about corruption and the like without any grounds or means to prove them. Also, GM's speaking with terrible grammar and arguing in #main... would turn off any new player.

Overall I still really have been enjoying the server and the people I play with, but I wish the drama would go away and people would stop causing trouble on such a promising new server, and that the Admin would replace his GM staff (considering the fact that I havent seen them since the allegations may mean thats happening actually.) I'm just really bummed that such a huge portion of the server and community is AMAZING and then you have a few people making a bad name for it already, and a couple hotheaded GM's making it look silly. It has a ton of potential, I beg you to try it and give it a chance so that it may have a chance to really flourish.

Iunno, I'm going to stop because I rant really badly and am awful at organizing my thoughts.

Edit: Thinking about it it is WAY too early to judge this server and I probably shouldnt have said anything. I like it, it's hitting some rough patches but I see a lot more good than bad and the people and Admin are working through it. Try it out.
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Re: VcryRO
« Reply #1 on: Jul 26, 2013, 09:28 PM »
Bro I went to VcryRO 's website.  No offense man but there's no such word as "Informations".  /wah


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Re: VcryRO
« Reply #2 on: Aug 09, 2013, 01:06 AM »
there's alot of activity goin on in Vcry, new manangement, new hosting, new stafs as if its like brand new. the forums is still under reconstructing, ive been playin there for like a month now , and to tell you ive seen alot of drama, the server has a big potential to flourished now were giving it a  try again with these new and active GM's as they promised and tons of events.

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Re: VcryRO
« Reply #3 on: Aug 09, 2013, 01:10 AM »
and one more thing try visiting their FB page at the moment since they are still reconstructing their forums, most of the updates are posted in their FB page , here's the link

FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vcry-Ragnarok-Online/190056457813018

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Re: VcryRO
« Reply #4 on: Nov 22, 2013, 07:06 AM »
Ive been playing in VcryRO like a month and a half about now. I think there is no problem with the economy. The economy is fine for me since I started playing. I'm a vendor type of a person. I earn my zeny in vending. I sometimes earn 2-10m a day from all my vends. and my best was that i earned about 90m in one day.  /no1 so has for the woe. Ive been seeing intense competition between guilds. And I agree that its a balanced server.