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Author Topic: Little Review For OlympusRo  (Read 573 times)

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Little Review For OlympusRo
« on: Mar 03, 2017, 01:51 PM »
 /no1 First of all im not good in english so sorry if you dont understand some words i say  /sob

Well So here we go. last month i found this server Name OlympusRo(255/100) and they are on beta test.
I dont actually know their economy bcoz its a FRESH server theres no people yet. i try to explore their server testing some skills,
checking the drop rates,delay skill,Custom items,etc and all of them works fine and balance. All quest items is worth but a bit more
extensive to farm. They have active Event per hour Such as Novice Vs Zombie Event , Disguised Event , Mushroom Event
and for now they continuing to develop the game and adding some excitement Events and items. Facebook Group Page is active,Updating Forum
is Active. GM's are not quite active due to being busy developing the game and adding some customize item, (making the server perfectly balance).
you dont need to pay money on this server to be strong all items here can be farm such as donate items(Valkyrie Sets).
This Server Have a Customize NPC Like Token Quest, Break The Seal Quest
 This Server is really Worth at farmingIs not pay to win or something. GM's Are nice No treat,No Bias,
 In Other words Is a FAIR Server. So if your Looking for a good and balance server i recommend
OLYMPUSRO. so if you join we can make a family in grand opening of the server at March 12 2017
Lets make some memory to this server and spread the love and make a very very very nice and good
ECONOMY. Here's my ratings on this server

SKILLS: 10/10 Delays and damage been fix perfectly balance

FRIENDLINESS: 8/10 GM and Staffs Are friendly. can take good care of community and economy.

ECONOMY: 5/10 I Dont know how to rate this because its a Brand New Fresh Server so i got my honest answer.

Exp/Drops: 8/10 (Drops are Hard but for me still depends on LUCK  /heh)

CLASS: 10/10 Yes all are tested and all them perfectly BALANCE

SERVER: 10/10 Stable and all works will be done before it release. Ive never Experience MAINTENANCE Here. there's once but only around 10-20mins

EVENTFULNESS8/10 Dev and Other Staff taking good care of the server adding more excitement events.  /no1

For My Last Note: all player can reach end game gear without paying cash. as long as you love the server.
The server is good no bias or GM treats and perfectly balance. Im just sharing some server you might love to play and
making this review simple. HOPE i See you in game and play with me. :) LOVE LOTS.  /lv  /lv  /lv  /lv  /lv

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