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Author Topic: TalonRO review  (Read 1275 times)

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TalonRO review
« on: Apr 19, 2017, 11:50 PM »
Server's availability 10/10
It is better than iRO and most servers if not on par

Antibot protection 10/10
Confirmed no one can ever bot here, it's legitimate

GM's availability 9/10
They are always there, watching you. So if you are a puss who reports for every dumb things, you make them busy.
And don't believe the rumors about them banning people out of anger, they don't and they are actually trying to be fair to everyone.

Eventfulness 1/10
There is usually either no events, or you get events during the early morning or late night for those live in south east asia. And everytime you need to clear 2 hours for the event due to the amount of waiting. And everytime there is an event they will ask you to review the server.

They have big events but usually I am not a big fan opening boxes and letting RNG decide what I get.

Updatedness and Quest 10/10
Ironically nobody seems to explore or care about the updates, see the community section
They have got a lot of things to explore here but usually people don't give a s*** and just do Endless Tower cause getting someone to help is ten times harder than organizing an endless tower party

Gameplay Mechanics 1/10
Skills are either "nerfed" or "fixed" with the renewal mechanics
Equipment are OP that people can easily solo most MVPs and is more efficient than forming a party
Most people who have gotten all the gears would just open multiple clients and afk with them until "big" events such as GMC, Wave mostly just for headgear costumes (no I am serious here)

Farming Aspect 1/10
Reduced drop rates in you typical ragnarok farming maps such as Mavka, Sleepers (1 GN gives less Green Lives) and Nifflheim but sure they added more spawns in some places but I'll get to that later
Tamtam Region would only end up oversupplying the economy since it is there for 30 days and people go there for the extra exp and the server's custom bronze and copper coins

WoE (this is more personal) 5/10
I see people complained about supply being expensive but honestly is it really that profitable compared to farming in geffenia/sleepers/mavkas, most of them consider WoE their only way to enjoy RO and yet don't like to farm for them, I gave a 5 because not all WoE people are lazy and whines about supplies but ultimately I find it very discouraging.

Market --/-- (this one have nothing to do with the server but rather the players)
Most people who are tired or bored of the game would spam on the market channel buying underpriced stuff and selling overpriced stuff ALL DAY rather than doing something else.
(Most as in the most active people on the market channel 80-90% of the messages in fact)

Server's stability 4/10
I don't know how many times people have complained about LAG on this server
Personally I can handle lag better than most people because I am used to it from crappy servers in my country
And the GM would almost blame their ISP everytime but they are the one who decides which servers they use right?
And something is wrong when there are that many people complaining about lags right?
it's probably at least a hundred times more than the number of votes you see every week. I can only tell the reasons are because
1. Too many spawns and also the number of times people starts to mob leading to more stress on the server
2. Too many multiclienting AFKERS (and yes an AFKer limiter/timeout would really help with character logins and the s*** amount of things we need to load on our computers)
3. WoE is s*** in the server, because of the amount of lag caused by multiclienting in towns rather than the war happening basically WoE is the only time you shouldn't be playing

Levelling and Endgame 4/10
To be honest, I find start anew harder day by day simply because many people would rely on equipment rather than doing their roles properly. Another reason why I hate the nerf and the OP equipment
It gets more difficult as people only know how to level in ODIN, Heck even leeching them is hard as f*** on ODIN
The GM team doesn't promote leeching but they allow a level gap of 20 which is questionable to me, it makes leeching a lot easier but levelling parties a lot more difficult (unless they know what they are doing which is usually not the case)
Endgame on this server is simply waiting for events, getting more costumes and afk all day

Community 7/10
Yes the community is more or less friendly and clean on the main channel or towns in general
However due to the level gap thing, people may try to freeload on you on levelling/GMC/ET (well practically every s*** you would do to gain levels)
Most players here are generally retired people (though knowledgeable) who doesn't care to do anything new but afk all day

Website 10/10
There are minor problems here and there but I find their website one of the better ones if not the best one

PvP or BattleGrounds --/--
I've been told that there are actually PvP going on although the majority of the people are afking, so yeah it's still worth a try imo but it is gonna take some effort to experience any at all

And don't worry GM team if you don't like my review I won't post it ever again, I am just doing this so I would let people how much of a classic server or how people shouldn't run their servers

Thanks for reading this, I appreciate it