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Author Topic: SnapRO is great and unique  (Read 1374 times)

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SnapRO is great and unique
« on: Nov 05, 2018, 12:34 PM »
A brief summary of my thoughts.

For a really long time, I've known the man who created SnapRO and I have not seen someone so dedicated into making a server with a small team. They shared with me the details about how this server will be made years before they even finished it, and it is still growing and updating with new things the community suggested while it was being "beta tested." The small community the server has accumulated before it became advertised is really nice and helpful, and thanks to them the server can grow even more as more people join.

What makes the server great? The people in charge of developing the server have been working hard on making it fun at any point and easy to understand, aswell as making it simple to get end-game gear without several hours a day for one thing. On top of that, they always concluded some cards useless and changed the effects of some of them to make them worth something which makes it more interesting to make new builds. I also like the fact that PvP is entirely "skill" based as in you can only deal damage with skills that does not involve clicking on another person simply to "auto-attack." This means you have to know what your skills do and make a build that wouldn't be too broken just because someone hits hard with they regular attacks.

PvP and WoE are going to be a lot of fun, especially as people join more, the unique things this server has to offer are amazing, showing such dedication and skill the developers have in making a new server.

Now onto the important information.

Community - 10/10
As said above, I love this community during the beta test. They helped me so much to reach their level and in turn I gave them and new people the help they needed to just to inspire a chain reaction of kindness. It does not take long for people to get used to the server and the guides posted on their forums help a whole lot. We have yet to find anyone who plans on causing trouble but that is just inevitable and more then likely, especially after the server goes live on RMS.

Server Stability - 9/10
The server seems to be running well, and my ping is at its all time low thankfully due to my location. I have seen others with much higher pings but they seem to not mind, and continue to play anyways since it does not impact them heavily. Other then that, the server is perfect for those who want to work for and earn their things, not have everything handed to them. You have to actually play the game to get things and you get rewards for literally anything you do as long as you get up and do them. I have yet to see anyone ask for free things and it proves that they do not need to. There would be an occasional request for something someone needs but, without trouble, trading commences or even donating to each other to help each other out. At some point this would not be the case but it is still nice to see right now.

Events - 7/10
There is an NPC that hosts events in town, and notifies everyone that it will start in 2 minutes to let them know and get ready to join and earn poring coins, an important currency for useful items. Other then the NPC, the GM's always likes to host events cause it is really fun to host and play them. The most enjoyable event so far in my opinion was the race where everyone was a novice with increased stats and given speed potions, their goal was to reach the end of a really long pathway through massive hordes of mobs hitting them to slow them down. The rewards were really good too, due to it taking up a lot of time from the players just to attend they made sure the reward was worth while. The only reason it gets a 7 instead of 9 or 10 is due to the inexperience of hosting the events professionally, since the current staff are not entirely use to it yet, but are indeed planning on hiring one who knows exactly what they are doing.

Economy - 8/10
There is not much to say about the economy yet, but for now it at least deserves 8 since it is rather easy to increase your funds. The MOB spawn rate and density are both increased by 100% which allows anyone to farm gold where they know it drops and freely farm until they are satisfied. If that does not do it for you then you can always farm Bio labs Secret Basement for a unique item called Corrupted Monster Souls which is important for progressing yourself to make your character stronger. Just a tiny few things out of the many ways to get rich. Also, money does not mean you win in this server, but may give you a boost and each credit you get for donating to the server can be traded to others for what you want if they have it.

Class Balance - 6/10
This would get a higher score if it wasn't for some classes being too strong compared to others when it comes to killing MVPs and/or each other in PvP. There is not much to say other then it still needs some work but that is what this is here for, and the players who play on the server, to give criticism which allows changes to be made for balancing. I also heard that changes will indeed be made to make other classes viable for hunting MVPs, and there are already changes for jobs in PvP to be more viable. (Example: Paladins shield throw can change elements with converters, Priest has a physical attack ability, etc.)

Administration - 6/10
The current staff consists of the server owner, the developers, and just a tiny few of support GM. Now that the server is live and already increasing in population, it would not be surprising to see the team grow with very supportive individuals like the current staff, which are dedicated in the servers success and for others to enjoy playing on it.

PvP - 9/10
The PvP is amazing, so much fun, and not unbalanced. The gear that makes you really strong in PvP is not hard to get either, just dedication and some time to get to that point. Anyone can PvP at any point if they wish to, and if they want to without hurting their K/D on the leader boards they can enter the Safe PvP room to avoid that.

PvE/MvP - 7/10
Some MvPs are ridiculously strong but with the right build you can take them on. Some classes are useless against them sadly but it should not be a problem in the future, otherwise this would get a 10 instead of a 7. The 7 is deserved however due to it being really easy to farm for anything, even the cards. Nothing is too low or too high and anyone can get anything. MvPs spawn in 90 minutes and items are super easy to farm for quests since everything spawns 100% faster and there are 100% more mobs on each map where they naturally spawn.

WoE - To be decided
There has not been any WoE yet, but it will happen eventually after the population increases with more players.

Head gears/Customization - 10/10
Every headgear is equivalent to each other. They are SOLELY used for cosmetics. Anyone can pick up a headgear dropped by any mob in the world and it will have the same exact effects as any headgear from customs. That means you are free to refine them to your hearts content for the benefits of refined gear, if you do not care about how you look.

I had updated this post cause I realized I barely gave any information and did not persuade anyone enough about why I believe this server is great. Hopefully this updated version will be to everyone's liking and consider sharing it with others, or better yet persuading them to check this growing server out. Thanks for reading.
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Re: SnapRO is great and unique
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examples of changes? your review is so generic you could be talking about anybody's server