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Author Topic: Small Ragnarok Online (New Community Events & PvP Server - Very Active)  (Read 3579 times)

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Offline Sriracha

Server just opened and to my surprise there are quite a number of things that I can say about this server. However, for this review I would like to make it more objective by specifying the pros and cons of this server. Note that whatever I write here, I'm writing it based on my experience in this server which is only a duration of less than 24 hours.

1. You can tell by the NPC and quest illustrations that this server provided a great deal of effort in making it visually appealing especially the dice roll animation which is honestly the first I witnessed as someone who's been playing this game for years.
2. There are many things you can do as soon as you enter the server. If you don't know the build of your character, there is a command called @buildinfo and it will show up stat builds for your class.
3. For a person who has jobs and cannot stay playing continuously, this server is perfect. I myself is able to leave my character in town and it automatically accumulates some gacho points which I can then spend on many things when I get back on my computer.
4. I like the event in this server called dungeon quest because every player in this server participates and it turns the entire server into one team and you get to become friends with them afterward because the points you receive is accumulated based on the effort of everyone though I honestly say that as a merchant in that event, I was the most useless.
5. So many custom @commands that are not present in the other servers I played at.

1. There is only one Game Master, though I might be mistaken because there is no staff list written in their website or discord. Right now it might be easy sailing because the server opened but sooner or later there will be things that require additional hand to accommodate the demand of a growing population.
2. Server is located in SEA. For people who live in South East Asia, this is definitely not a problem at all but for other players who play outside this region, expect some lags.
3. Reset is only free for people who are level 75 and below though you can still get reset through a quest.

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Offline Sriracha

Re: Small Ragnarok Online (Opened Yesterday)
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  • Screen taken yesterday, March 28.
  • PvP is extremely active, many people
  • Community events are active which requires team effort.

Offline Sriracha

  • Screens taken last night between 8 to 11 PM SG/PH time. There are some error in Dungeon Quest where people couldn't get in even when the event is saying its open but the good thing is the GM is there and just manually warped people to the event.