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Shining Moon RO
« on: Jul 27, 2017, 08:25 PM »
SO this is my review as posted on the RMS site:
I have looked through about every server for one that is balanced with rates and content. I stumbled across SMRO right when i had about given up on finding one and am in total love! There are wings, a unique set of skills JUST for this server, and new unique instances that will keep your mind going instead of letting it turn to mush on mindless grinding. You get hourly reward points just for being logged in and a daily check in as well. Added bonus? SUPER ACTIVE GMs! personal touches galore!!
To expand on this I want to add that upon starting on the server the GM greeted me personally to ensure understanding and address any concerns regarding the very unique skill system SMRO has added. in addition to the "Soul System" there is the ability to Dual class so no more having to have multiple accounts with multiple toons just to accomplish one task. They are adding new instance story lines constantly and The GM loves feed back on ways to enhance your game play. You don't have to wait forever in a Que to address a bug or have a question answered either. The other players are so so helpful as well, helping me fix my issue with screen client size as well as questions on content and events. The Homoculus AI is integrated BTW!!
Bottom line is if you are tired of the ho hum of mindless leveling and same content as everyone else then come to this server. You will never get bored. The population is growing fast so now is a great time to join in with friends and even make more.