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Author Topic: SeireiteiRO Final Chapter - An Experential Review  (Read 1301 times)

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SeireiteiRO Final Chapter - An Experential Review
« on: Oct 23, 2017, 01:20 AM »

SeireiteiRO Final Chapter Walkthrough Experience

Pre-Server download Experience
Well presented website - http://SeireiteiRO.com
Fits the Bleach theme very well, links are operational, RSS feeds
Simple and basic layout, easy navigation

Well presented Forums - http://SeireiteiRO.com/board

Lots of guides for beginners and new players
Simple layout

Pre-Server download presentation 10/10 - The themes are simple, the site is easy to navigate, easy to register, and there are accessible forums for the community. This is a traditional layout of most RO servers that is both simple and uncomplicated. So many RO servers have broken links, bad url redirections, no help or support except on a closed Facebook group which takes forever to be approved from a moderator. I can appreciate the simplicity and layout of this server, very well done.

Easy Server downloading - http://seireiteiro.com/?module=main&action=download
Google Drive Links
A button for Lite and a Full Installer

Server Downloading - 10/10 - Too many times have I scrambled to find working download links for Private Servers. I have to go to their Facebook, their forums, because their links are not updated/not working. In order to play, I need to download 2 additional files, extra DLLS, it is very annoying and tedious. SeireiteiRO presents 2 simple download buttons, a lite and a full. It is hosted on Google Drive which means fast download speeds for me and can you doubt the reliability of Google versus Mediafire? Easy and simple downloading.

Server Installation - 10/10 - The files are in a .zip file. It is childproof drag and drop to play. Hard to mess up here.

Major mechanics to keep in mind before gameplay experience:
4 Slot Items
2 Slot Shields
1000 All Stats
1000/250 Base/Job Level

Gameplay Experience:


I get a nice welcoming into the server, giving me some details about the server. There are Images that explain certain mechanics and gameplay details. Quite helpful instead of reading 30 message boxes from the NPC. It then directs me to chose a class that I want to play. It is a trans class server only, meaning I can pick from Lord Knight, SinX, Paladin, Gunslinger, SuperNovice etc. I am then warped to a place they call the “Armory”, I am automatically max leveled for Base and Job, with some introductory to the Armory and what I can do within it. My journey into the server begins.


Including myself, I see most of the players spend their time here. The armory contains Headgears, Weapons, Costumes, Necessities NPC, Rental, Skills, Card Shop, etc. Pretty much everything character changing is nicely packed within the Armory. The server is a ready to go PVP/WoE/MVP Server. I am able to build my entire character in the armory and then I am ready to play. They have a selection of custom equipments that I have never seen before. Custom armors, and headgears with stats, which goes with the type of gameplay they are aiming for. These equipments are the best in the game and they are completely free to buy.

Main Town

A nice custom Prontera Map. The town is neat and organized. I never have to struggle to find a certain NPC. Things are where they are supposed to be and nothing seems out of place. Simplistic usage and good spacing.

Notable Server Features

First look into some of the notable features.
Guild Houses -  There are 6 flags showing the emblem of the guild that owns it. Very cool. Inside is a free buffer, guild message board, save point, and a WoE/PVP Warper. Very nice touch.
PVP North America - This server has a specific map dedicated to North American players! While they cater to the mostly players from Asia/Philippines, there is a dedicated PVP map where lag no longer exists for me. Like Scotty from Star Trek, I am beamed from the main server to a US based server. This allows players technically from all over the world to enjoy the game. I’ve tried proxy servers before and I am still lagging, but with this map here, none at all. First time I have ever seen a feature like this.

Costumes - Probably the most diverse costume system I have ever seen. This server has 4 costume items (Upper/Middle/Lower/Armor). I can change my look to anything I want from the iRO database or their extensive 1000+ custom items. You type in the ITEM ID of what you want to look like and voila, you now have Kaho Horns. While the server is trans class only, they do allow for characters to change the class they look like while retaining the original skills of the class they choose. For example, I am a Lord Knight but look like a Ninja with Lord Knight skills. You can choose baby jobs, third jobs, etc. The customizability of their cosmetic content is off the charts. You can look like anything you want. From basic iRO styles to ridiculous wings and hats, everyone has their own style that is unique.

Bankai/Shikai - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? LOL. They’ve got a bankai and a shikai skill implemented with sound effects and all. An honest effort here to make it fit the theme.

Safari Zone - Most likely the best Automated Event the server has. We purchase pokeballs which are then used in the Safari Zone to capture Pokemon pets. Very fun and very competitive when it comes to multiple players in the zone.

Custom Modifications - Server has a lot of custom commands and modifications. @checkresist is a handy feature where players can check their overall resistances and see what they are weak/strong against. They have custom modified Soul Link skills as well. High Wizards are able to avoid reflect from reflect cards such as Maya if they are linked. Usually this only works with Kaite. Desperado doesn’t have those random misses. Classes with useless soul links such as Lord Knight, Sniper, in a super high rate server, have increased damage boosts. Priests have edited skills as well to fit the high rate environment to be useful.  It is very well thought out, no details in particular are missed

Player vs Player Review:

One of the most unique styles of PVP. The server has 4 slot Items and 2 Slot shields. I don’t go in with a Pole Axe and a hydra card and proceed to Spiral Pierce my way to victory. With elemental converters available, it takes a high amount of skill in both offense and defense. I have to consider what element I am using to attack and think about what element they are using in order for me to defend. With 4 slots, do I focus on more neutral resistance with raydric cards? And if I am using an angeling card, I need to think about covering the additional shadow element damage. This server also has a unique mechanic that balances classes using hit/flee. Some players decide to go full FLEE build and therefore make attacks miss. In order to counter, I could use a full HIT build to hit them. So much variety and combinations of different builds that work. Players need to balance Hit, Flee, Resistances, Damage. A very different experience that strays from the normal ragnarok preferences. It is a more high speed, high skilled environment. Instead of PVP it can be considered more like duels as they last longer, require more thought, and calculation.

Overall Server Review:

While I consider Ragnarok a community that is slowly dying, this server definitely relies on a larger player base to maximize the potential. It is a PK server that thrives off players participating in the PVP rooms, King of emperium, War of Emperium, with competitive MVP hunting. Without players, the server does not shine the way it should and gets underappreciated. SeireiteiRO is a server that stands far and away from most of the Super High Rate servers in terms of organization and content. I hope more players can come try it out and enjoy it the way I do. Thanks for reading my in-depth review if you made it this far.



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Re: SeireiteiRO Final Chapter - An Experential Review
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Really appreciate the review! Thanks kindly!