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Author Topic: Revo-Project Review  (Read 789 times)

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Revo-Project Review
« on: May 01, 2018, 05:30 AM »
Hello RMS-User,
I play for 2 weeks this Server and I want to write a review for all old school Ragnarok Players.
So now to my experience. My first day on the server was like "what the f...". There were a bunch of Players on Prontera who talk in pinoy ( for all I m europe ) so I didnt understand anything. But after a warm welcome and the question 'where are you from?' I was a part of a big family some of them wanted to share with me and do mvps later.
Leveling: (PvM)
The Leveling tooks long but its ok. I m very impatient thats why my first char ( Priest - killing anubis ) took 3 days till 99. :D
But after that step I got some help by the Community and it was very easy till 99 again! Thats the point why I love this server no one want to play alone.
After 14days I found a Arrow Dealer in Payon ... on the other days I crafted them by myself.

All Players on the Server are busy to farming stuff and actually is no one in PvP.
ADDED: You dont need to donate anything because you only get some support scrolls ( blessing, agi, assu ) for it. No high equip for donation like the most server.

In the future days I add some new experience!

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