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Author Topic: Review of ZenRO, 99/70 pre-renewal server  (Read 5790 times)

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Re: Review of ZenRO, 99/70 pre-renewal server
« Reply #15 on: Aug 24, 2017, 06:54 PM »
I doubt it is really Yrvine because this server is almost 100% BG/3thparty AHK,Romedic etc based. There is nothing much for PvM at all. It's either BG or donate. Yrvine was forced last time to that direction due the pressure from community on his server demanding for it.
It's possible but I guess it still wouldn't be the real Yrvine and what he really wants to achieve. The client rocks though, Yrvine Emulators owned most of anything else so far indeed.
Take a look at the poor and sad rAthena servers these days, all stillhave the same old bugs as two years ago, nothing changed at all, it's very much dead. They became prisoners of their Renewal client, they don't have knowledge about pre-renewal enough to get out of it. It's like Windows don't combine it, it won't work. Probably what Haru is developping will be the new standard in a few years or maybe still Yrvine, everything else sucks to play big deal with no 3thpartytools.