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Offline Arii

« on: May 03, 2018, 12:41 PM »
RagniteRO is a high rate (3k/3k/3% normal card and 0.01% MvP)  server 255/120, Pre-Renewal. It made me remember my first server qRO (Quality Ro), its like they merged qRO's High rate and Low rate where MvP cards aren't common but with the versatility of a 255.

I've played RagniteRO for a month and I have to say that the staff created a really interesting balance:
  • Classes: All standard builds like Creator(Acid Demostration), Sniper(Sharp Shooting), etc are available but they buffed unused to create alternative builds for a server 255 like Creator(Acid Terror/Mammonite) or Sniper(Falcon Assault like the ones used in a Mid rate))
  • Equipment: Almost every equip[0] can be slotted [1] though quests, example: Skeleton Manteau[1], Variants can't be slotted  /sob
  • Weapons: All weapons with 2 slots or less can be slotted though quest, this is where it gets interesting because there are exceptions like Combat Knife[1] and Long Mace[1] but other weapons can have up to 3 slots like Giant Axe[3] and Rudra Bow[3]
  • Headgear: Usually most of the hats weren't used, everyone was using a F. Beret, Baphomet Horns, Bandit or Anti-stun hat. The staff buffed the other headgear to make them viable, so now everyone can create different builds, example Mage Hat[1], Necromancer Hood[1], etc.

There is new content every month, new dungeons/instances and equipment from renewal is adapted to the pre-renewal features giving us plenty of things to farm and Mvps to defeat with our party.

It feels like a really nice server with tons of content and possibilities, the only area of opportunity is the server population (20~40 on). I am not sure if the server would be bigger with higher drop of MvP/Mini boss cards like the drop rate from qRO that was 10%. I didn't want to recommend such a drastic change to the staff without some feedback so let know what do you guys think about RagniteRo.