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Offline mateusb12

« on: Jan 02, 2019, 04:14 PM »
It started recently, around december 2018. The server right now is fresh, and the most important, it has a healthy playerbase online (around 800~1000 online during the week), which means healthy commerce (almost everything you need you will find in merchant vending shops),  healthy leveling (plenty of parties in many maps). There are renewal exp bonuses for party leveling too (+20% exp per player)

The philosophy adopted in ragnawave is that it is an evolutionary server, where the new episodes are released from time to time, starting in Juno and scheduled to end on Nameless Island. Right now it lives a Old Times period (pre-trans), but there are custom content to aleviate this (customs instances, customs hats custom quests etc). The other settings are the standards of a common low rate server (healer, teleporter, npc jobchanger, stylist, rotating visuals in the store, etc.)

Maybe you do not like the pvm of such an old episode (as is the case with other people too) but if you like WoE the server promises to have very exciting wars. To begin with, the amount of guilds interested in participating is very high. Maybe you do not know all them, but here's a short list: Special Delivery, Lunatics, Oh Really?, Wonderland, f***, , STACK, . There are some guilds from IRO re:start too, like Shut Up and Show no Love.

BG (battleground) is scheduled to open in early January 2018, and WOE is scheduled to open on January 13. The rewards of the castles will be buffed to encourage the creation of ECO castles.

The only bad side is that ragnawave (game / forum / site) does not yet have English-language content yet (its 100% written in portuguese). I fully understand that this is a pretty boring thing to many people and maybe is a pain in the donkey, but staff is really busy these weeks to start a translation project right now. Also, ragnarok is a game from 2003 and the episode is a bit old, I think things will get simpler because of that. But anyway, admin is always present in the discord server and willing to help everyone who need.

Anyway, if you like a solid playerbase and if you like the war of emperium I think it's worth checking out what ragnawave has to offer.

Greetings everyone. Thank you very much




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Re: Ragnawave
« Reply #1 on: Feb 04, 2019, 02:59 AM »
The in-game experience of RagnaWave is quite a puzzle. The server is pretty much crowded with BR community and an exclusive Portuguese scripts only communicative attitude. Well yes, if you're looking for isolated gaming, then Ragnawave might be the best choice and also if you have a guild playing with you, then there's nothing to worry about. Lately, I also received a negative reply from the admins that the team has no plans to add "English Patch" to the server and He / She also added "not now, not later" That clearly explains that the server is more oriented to the BR community regardless of the percentage of "English Only" players are even-ing out. Secondly, I hope they would change the "3 days VIP access to job changing NPC" because after the time ends you gotta manually do the job quest unless planning to be a VIP member" I mean, I am not questioning the game privileges but JOB changing NPC should be reconsidered and even the "not now, not later" phrase.