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Author Topic: Ragnafied - surprisingly a server that doesn't suck  (Read 1607 times)

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Ragnafied - surprisingly a server that doesn't suck
« on: Nov 25, 2017, 11:26 AM »
hi! so i've been searching for a server to settle on for REALLY long, and this one didn't open too long ago, it looked really raw and stuff but good stuff started happening

logged in, suggested a bunch of stuff, discussed if it's appropriate to add and...
boom, implemented!

the admin is super, super super active, you can just PM him about bugs and he'll fix them (though he really prefers bug tracker but i'm too lazy to go to the bug tracker), but seriously super active, patches every week with a lot of changes, he's constantly adding content, we're on ep 16 already however some stuff from previous episodes still isn't implemented, but he's working hard to get em in game

also i talked a bit with the owner, he's a network engineer so he doesn't suck!

oh also he doesn't have a single GM, he's the entire server staff, that might raise a problem or two regarding player behavior but he's so active that events do happen!

it currently has a lot of cool features, GM said he's implementing double attack crit already, and we have eden market and stuff

i recommend this server, only thing it needs is more players, it's actually really good and its hard to find servers of this quality -- it's basically nova but high rate and with safe refine tickets /heh

also sorry about the personal feelings mixed with conciseness, it's my first long review and i didn't know how to word it
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