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Offline geewee10

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #30 on: Sep 27, 2011, 12:06 PM »
adik0816 was the who wanted to fix the skills. because of the manhole skills hes the shadow chaser. well hes telling the gm to check it out. but GM wont and keep on saying that nothings wrong.

well me the Sura in the picture just said "all he wants is to fix the skill not to be edited"

the other shout under mine was saying about pvp doest related to the topic. and my guidsmate ABnormal said There you go geew ( ABnormal is the AB of adik0816 because he was banned he logged in his AB) and my guildsmate also said waaaaa why are you muted geew. because we are still killing ifrit when suddenly after saying my line i was muted. and banned and ip banned. and the servers webpage is down. and the RMS reviews we wrote was also gone. and also the rest of the RMS review his account here is eighttrillanes ive seen his friends keep calling him eight in game. and hes the one who posted podera here. well i cant even access the pondera website. maybe hes hiding it from us


Offline Triper

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #31 on: Sep 27, 2011, 05:12 PM »
Sorry but there is something hidden in this, nobody uses fag from nowhere on a sentence that doesn't make sense on the chat, there is a missing link for me and always will be until one of the parts reveal it because if I check the chat in some translators I get something as weird as "Post it" and "At rms?" which can lead to numerous things even if there is a mvp room and new pvp room chat and the "oh noes you're muted".

Sorry, something in the back is missing into this and won't get me into your side.

It's like I'm talking with a friend, you come new here and only listen f*** YOU, DOOD!" and start to think other stuff when I was just saying it like "damn you, I can't believe you're so damn lucky!".

Offline adik0816

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #32 on: Sep 27, 2011, 07:45 PM »
So you're saying that you only asked once to the gm and then he raged? But I though you guys were asking that for lot, even the pic shows evidence of that: "All he wants" shows that you asked more then once and that there was some annoyance from the player side.
Now it makes sense! GM banned you guys for something and then boom, It's "let's frame the server admin/gm team time!".And I though the one who made the topic was geewee10 not adik0816 :O

Also, where is the tagalog translation of what is in the pic lol Something fishy is there and you guys don't want to be know.

Sorry but this don't get me, looks like a fishy scheme to frame the owner/gm team of that server lol

#1 nobody asked you to join who's side. I'm just informing what the admin had done.
#2 i didn't say once. i said twice. And i didn't ask for char edit.. I all I want is skill check/fix.
#3 I posted a review about what I observed from the server that's why he became furious.
#4 geewee made this thread cos he was banned from server. I just joined the thread cos I was banned too.
#5 If you could see his comment about our reviews (which is only informative and not offensive). He was obviously mad cos of the words he's using - in which in this case is obviously guilty.


Offline Triper

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #33 on: Sep 27, 2011, 09:14 PM »
#1 - No you're not, it was your friend who posted it and you/your friend aren't even just posting, both are saying and claiming that someone looks bad because you were able to get a shot with a bad phrase typed by him and have a screenshot from a banned account[brb, getting some random gm to say f*** YOU and make lots of other s*** appear around that to hide evidence]
#2 - Check my quote, it says what your friend said: "One word against GM" which gives the idea of just ask something once but yet you now say you/your friend asked twice
#3 - link please
#4 - so both banned for s*** made at server and are trying to frame the admin after that?
#5 - fag can be used in lots of different ways depending if it was with or without friends around
Just saw this now:
The GM/Owner wanted to look bad.. so hes making up such a story
WHAT?! Where is the story??

Offline geewee10

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #34 on: Sep 27, 2011, 10:33 PM »
Triper, to make things clear. adik was the one whos talking to the GM, the only thing that i told the GM was all he wanted is to fix the skills and not to be edited. that is after the GM accuses my friend that my friend wanted to be "EDITED" in exchange of donation. In my case why would he banned me just saying some few words???

Yes i got it if he banned adik because i dont know if they got a misunderstanding but me why will he banned me for just saying such words??? and if you can see the printscreen adik posted after the gm said it in a meanwhile i MEGAPHONE my message, i felt bad accusing my friend who only wanted to fix the skills

Offline Eurydice

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #35 on: Sep 27, 2011, 11:09 PM »
ABnormal: Jay, why don't you post it on RMS?
JayAdriatico: Where in RMS?
ABnormal: On Limit do I donate just to get things edited?
ABnormal: Lol
Seraphica: All he wanted is to fix the skill not to be edited
Azul: Bro PVP is in the PVP room not in the MVP room

Mercatus: You don't know the story fag

ABnormal: There you go geew
Sura Kayata: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sura Kayata: Why were you muted geew?

Rough translation for anyone who's asking for it.


Offline Triper

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #36 on: Sep 27, 2011, 11:20 PM »
thx for the translation, Eurydice ^^ Now people can see pretty much what happened and what someone wanted to hide lol.

You got muted for making/starting/wanting drama UEHUHEUHEUHUEUHEUE[gotta love BR laughs in this moments lol]
Probably the ban was even because it wasn't the first time and the admin got bored of you and the chat of admin is just a I CAUGHT YOU WITH MY POKE-PRINTSCREEN-BALL!! moment since it's a random talk that doesn't make any sense lol

I would do the same for the mute but just a big bit less if I was him tbh but would pm after saying to wait a bit and stop making drama because stuff will be fixed and would fix asap and would also tell the server with a global message about what happened lol Ban was maybe a bit over the top but we have no clue of your bad deeds at the server.

Trying to make someone look bad is bad but worse is to try to hide half of the story with other language and expect someone wouldn't notice it lol
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Offline eighttrillanes

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #37 on: Sep 28, 2011, 01:10 AM »
Proof? Here's one:

You're funny cause you're making stories here in RMS. The fact that you're like a badass who's so desperate & wanted to be edited to  become a God-like. You just effin Failed kid. ;) Adik0816's character in Pondera. A whore newbie and crying to be edited. ROFL.

In english:
Please Mercs,
Edit my character.
I will pay you.
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Offline Chemical Crush

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #38 on: Sep 28, 2011, 01:20 AM »
Whelp that's interesting to know. 

I still wouldn't run around calling people fags though, it just looks bad to some people.  I mean its your server and if you wanna do that, that's fine.  I can understand if he kept bugging you about things you already stated would not be changed.  But still, it pays off to be professional in those times.  It makes you look better than the person begging/ranting, instead of giving into it.

Offline eighttrillanes

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #39 on: Sep 28, 2011, 01:26 AM »
Those guys are really very annoying. That geewee broadcasted too much rant. Unluckily I don't have the screenshot. But at least I got one, where it's basically a strong evidence that Adik0816 really wanted to make a story here same with Geewee. For it to be fair, I posted that evidence. And I hope that it helped you determine which is which. Yes, it is a no no for us to use such terms but the broadcasts of geewee was so annoying and was trying to cover-up what had happened to his DUMB Friend. :D

Offline Eurydice

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #40 on: Sep 28, 2011, 01:39 AM »
I don't think calling someone DUMB or FAG will still make you a better admin. Whether they're making stories or not.

Both of you made yourselves look bad.

Offline geewee10

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #41 on: Sep 28, 2011, 02:50 AM »
what have i done for you to banned me i only shouted a statement.

even here in forums your attitude is not good towards people.

Offline eighttrillanes

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #42 on: Sep 28, 2011, 02:56 AM »
Yeah? I am your worst nightmare. I am a badass when people tend to be one.

Why have I banned you? Simple because you were trying to cover up your bestfriend's idiocy. /meh

Offline adik0816

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #43 on: Sep 28, 2011, 02:58 AM »
eight trillanes. before u use my toon and make this conversation in game and prt screen, pls make sure you won't reveal the time and date coz we we're banned 3 days ago. Also, IF I DID say that, why post now? why not earlier? you took all this time and make this so you could manipulate the truth? :)

Offline eighttrillanes

Re: Pondera-RO
« Reply #44 on: Sep 28, 2011, 03:03 AM »
Oh really? double check the time dumbass. ;) manipulate? really? and now you're trying to tell them that it's manipulated? come on? you're guilty of your act. You just effin failed.