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Author Topic: OriginsRO - Classic Experience  (Read 4821 times)

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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #30 on: Mar 14, 2017, 06:16 PM »
I would like to adress Styx, RyukaValis and Charity Case directly:

Why exactly are you (still) playing on a server that you clearly do not like? You are using a lot of time to write long and anger filled posts here instead of simply using that time to look for a server that  suits you.
Also, why do you mention weird names like Ant Queen or mystical terms like The Core Players?
If you do not agree on some features please do not go ahead and rant about it in this topic where Franky4Fingers made a very nice post with a reasonable and honest review of the server ... you are destroying his effort.
This is a board after all. Your opinion or words won't reach anybody if they are soaked in self-pitty and open hatred ...

One last word ragarding board etiquette in general: please do not always block-quote and then try to destroy that quote. It leads to very long posts and losing it over details. Also, do you really expect the opposing person to accept your reasoning or arguments?
This "technique" resembles a strangle hold, trying to beat the other person bit by bit. If someone states something false, ask politely for proof. If someone is obviously ranting or being rude, ask the moderators to help, don't let yourself get pulled in that time consuming, yet pointless discussion.

I wish all of you the best of luck, be it on OriginsRO or any other server you might prefer~

You do mistake me for someone else I never talked about Ant Queen or the Core Players. I don't even know what it is about exactly. I was clear enough to bring up my issues which doesn't mean I think Origins is a bad server, on the contrary and because of that I feel it is justified to bring it up. I have even several reasons because I did play Hercules based servers from people who worked with Haru and I liked those servers also. It is just I don't like this episode much and I do an appeal on the ethical approach to follow the development of iRoclassic more strict and want to make the developers think about the consequences at the parts where they don't follow it. I just bring that up as a player with a wide experience, it's just a feedback, that's all. As for the block-quote, I don't like it either but it was Kergal starting this where it was better to just give his own review.
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Offline Charity Case

Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #31 on: Mar 15, 2017, 02:00 PM »
lol your talking about board etiquette and yet the best way you can summarize my posts and others  are with a bunch of buzz words-"anger",self pitty","open hatred".Did you even read my posts? this is simply open criticism on a server that i believe can be much better.Rant and criticism are 2 different things, google it in case you get confused again.And yes this is a board after all,who are you to say my opinions or words wont reach anybody?.As you can see,originsro has made a reply here so im sure they have looked at the statements made here.Go take a hike.
And who said im still playing on the server? please read the actual topic and statements being made
And im sorry i didn't know "core players" is considered "weird",if you take ESL i can understand,but ok lol.

 i found it pretty fun you put me in the boat of "convenience-loving lazy players".
Your ignorance is up there.
The urge was hard on this one.

Kergal,there is a HUGE interest in the classic episode,maybe you have been living underneath a rock these past few years.Go look at the top servers for the past few years that have come and gone,there are definitely more then a few that started with classic and progressed or stayed there.Maybe its time to considered the difference between origins and them.Ill tell you it has nothing to do with this bad stigma floating around that "woe guilds are toxic". I honestly would repeat my experiences again on those servers even if i knew my character would be gone in months to come.Its about the experience.
Im sorry but i find it hard that a servers vision is to stay in the same classic episode for 3 years.Call me crazy,but that is bizarre

Anyways, i truly believe originsro can be a top notch server if they work a on few more aspects.In case anyone else has gotten confused,im not trying to degrade the server,but rather offer my opinion.
But hey playing ro for so many years, i might be considered a convenience-loving lazy player.Who knew?

Offline RyukaValis

Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #32 on: Apr 05, 2017, 12:12 PM »
A few weeks have passed since my last post here. I decided to give the server a shot again after hearing that the players that made the server vile has now left and I have to say, things have changed.

Now with the core of the toxic people have left the server the playerbase feels a lot more stable and smooth now in terms of feeling inclusion in the community. There has not been, from what I've seen since coming back, a single passive-aggressive act on oRO for casually discussing something in Prontera or #main chat. People agree to disagree and discusses things in a much more mature way without these people coming in with unnecessary commentary that puts a damper on the mood or topic. More people are partying up mid level and aren't afraid of striking up a random topic or two. Everyday the server seems to grow almost to WoE like statistic (which previously was around 200 altogether on weekends only, is now almost daily) and lastly; guilds are growing along with the population whether PVM, MVP or PVP/WoE.

Previously, my opinion of the GMs was that it seemed like they didn't care much unless it damaged their reputation. I see a huge difference now. Illegal behaviors when reported or spotted is taken seriously. They're doing their best to provide new content and is overall very good at handling dire situations almost instantly. Well I was wrong in my previous statements and would like to formally apologize to the all in the current staff team room, especially to GM Kreuzbube and the former staff member GM Lemon for giving them a lot of, quite frankly, s*** for so many years.

The economy is stabilizing itself due to more players flowing in whether new or old which makes buying <> farming a lot more easier.

OriginsRO is still the most stable server without downtimes. I think the server only crashed like twice in the span of four years. Even potato computers can run this with no effort. So if you're looking for a classic server, here is your chance!

And to clarify; a while ago I did verbally attack Kergal unintentionally, the player "Ant Queen" is not the name of the actual player. As much as I dislike them now, they should not be outed.
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