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Author Topic: one year review on dreamer ragnarok online server  (Read 486 times)

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one year review on dreamer ragnarok online server
« on: Jan 26, 2019, 11:54 AM »
this is going to be a very long review... if you have the time and patience to read pls do... if you dont i will have a tldr overall review at the end of this post... enjoy...

almost a year ago... i quit a high rate server... and i decided to try this server because a friend told me about it...
i dontknow i would enjoy it... but i do... i experienced everything first from a certain guild.... they have been helpful... very...
for a year i have been reviewing the server in rms but today i decide to make a whole forum thread after reading what i saw on shoutbox...
i dont want negative review for dro... but they said its fine... excuse me for english.. not my first language.....

this server http://www.playdreamerro.com/

1. rate
dro is high rate.. i like high rate so thats right for me. very easy to farm and very easy to get cards...
and thats also a problem... well get to that later on..

2. community
there is so many pinoys in this server.. thats not bad.. i been to other and the pinoys there are fine even sometimes they trashtalk.. but here in this server.. theres so many.. so many toxic pinoy.. they just keep on trashtalk at #main chat and no one stop them. so many times me and my friends just want to ask but we ignored because the tt is continue even sometimes one hour long. its bad for server but they still there and unbanned or not muted... many times its lik this... many many times...

i read in other reviews that their friendly but i only meet one guild that is friendly and the others are not. im in a pvp guild right now and theyre also bad? they the ones who continue to trashtalk.. what we my friends dont understand is why they continue do this everyday without any moderator? we keep sending request but no reply even when we see supports in christmas getting tickets and good loots announced their name.... i expand on this later

i meet rare american and western ppl.. mostly asian and its pinoys.. like i said...

3 gm and admin
i hope they dont ban me after this review...

they not active.. its sad.. they rare active.. gm events not regular now but it used to be.. they dont do good with talking too.. they always aggressive when announcing.. one time i see tt and gm came up and insted of being fair n neutral and find what happend he just wanted to shut up everybody.. yes.. he literally said shut up to every1 even to ppl who are just asking.. said they were spamming... spam means different in dro.. very different.. they not spam...

there are punishments given by gm that arent in rules but will be there after punish come?

the developer is good.. that im proud of.. worth try cos developer is active.. admin is rare active but he does good.. i forgive cos of busy schedule.. but the gm im not sure anymore cos i rare see and they not kind to players in forums and in announce... so many can say the same..

no one answer reques.. very rare for the year im in..

4 events
i like the halloween easter christmas events.. very unique cant find other server i be in.. i have no complaints.. they very giving this december and the developer did good job..

gm events very rare now cos the gm inactive?

automatic events still nice but not different from other servers... i like jhow they have pvp events too.. the top 3 pvp where i always try but i get killed but its okay hehe..  /heh

5. economy
its not good for me.. so difficult to join high ranks cos all good items cost 50b and above if you want to kill someone... everything so expensive and people sell things more than original price.. i farm and only get 300m (yes 300m in other server you alrdy very rich but here 300m is like cents...) or i sell a card which is difficult to get too even if high rate because so many farm it too.. bloody branches can work but its expensive too.. you get what i mean? money i get from farming i use to buy bloody branch it goes circle.. i get nothing

so i try different things.. i get enough gears now but its never enough..  /heh

6 pvp
its not active too.. bg is dead.. hero arena is sometimes have 4 people or 9.. that 2 guilds already.. my friends and me dont wantto enter we just die.. we need to keep farming to get items to be able to kill.. they already lvl 4 we working on it.. but cos of this difficult; we want to try and kill them still it makes us want to hunt more and farm more to get items to be stronger..  /no1 i want to try this hhh but eversince i come its always just 1 guild and we always die  /omg

7 lag
it sometimes lag.. i check my connection its good in pubg or other game but in this server sometimes we feel the lag..  /omg only sometimes..

8 woe
active hehe. i join a guild and we play.. only 1 against us too.. so we own castle easy

9 job balance
no its not balance.. so many jobs ignored and still weak after many updates.. we keep waiting for doram update or even shinobi update.. not even in the year i been.. its like magic is the best thing in this server now.. thats why i use magic.. many jobs are useless i hope the update the gm announce in forums will make everything good!

10 quests
they actually have many costum quests and great! but the renewal quests not yet updated like in novaro where we can enter and grind.. here its not optomized yet. hope they update it.. sometimes they still bug and we cant enter.. item quests so many i explain below

11 costum items
sooo many! we like its so fashinable. very colorful in the server so many items and they also useful.. this christmas they give this lower quality costum items in the shop and we can use it even if not for pvp..

12 donation
i never donated yet but what i see is that they balance.. i dont know the rate how much yet.. sorry still student

13 personal experience also tldr
i like dro cos farming is easy.. u just have to invest time even if high rate, it not easy to get what you want to get.. u have to grind.. and look i stay 1 year and i survive! only wish more active gm because we player also busy but we find time to come in even for an hour.. plus.. look.. i review already so dont tell us we dont review pls? pls come back and be active now.. pls dont get angry at this.. dont do what the other server do and ban player who review bad.. so many custom items and custom.. if u wish to try dro.. pls try even if not original ro experience its new experience!!

thank you dro for service!