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Author Topic: OriginRo Server Review - A Month Experience  (Read 968 times)

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OriginRo Server Review - A Month Experience
« on: Nov 07, 2017, 08:38 AM »
Hey everyone

So I've been playing RO for a few years now - 15 or so... and here is my review on OriginRo server - been playing for a month now...
first i gotta say, i'm really enjoying, the server is really stable and has a smooth play, no lags at all , Server is located at the u.s.
Admins seems to keep the server maintained, updated and well kept so we the players can enjoy max performance from the server

Floating Rates 5/5/5 ~ 12/12/5, so its not that hard to level, but as well not that easy, as well you still have to hunt gears, which is part of the RO Charm,
if you know how to play then its not quite a problem.

Episode and game play:
So the server episode is 11.3, Thor Dungeon & Cursed Abbey
there are a few changes Admins made consisiting with the episode,
No expanded classes as Taekwon, Soul-Linker, Gunslinger Etc....
No 2nd Class Platinum Skills

Which in some way keep WoE and PvP Balanced... Harder... Call it what you like.

GMs are helpful, and online most of the time helping and checking how things are with players... usually there are events on every weekend organized by the GMs
GMs are available in many ways to your comfort, Discord, Facebook Page, Forums Tweeter, just your favorite platform.

So as i said before, usually there events every week, its effected by increase of the votes every month, if the server hits more votes then the last month the following month will have an event on each week, if not then one event on the month,
The events are really nice and some of them really creative, most of the time they are equal to the 90 lvl paladin and to the 30 lvl mage, so its quite balanced
As well, Admins use holidays to make some cool features and events during those times such as Halloween Week which was awesome!

The players on the server are really helpful and nice which is in my opinion is really important, though the online is quite low because the server is quite new, its seems increasing, and there are already enough players to enjoy a good party or WoE
The community is one of the better i've seen on my RO days, nice helpful and friendly which is really nice playing with a community like that
Economy currently a bit weak as to the low population...

WoE and PvP:
So for now only one castle open for the taken as the server is still small but as it said, the admins are planning to open all the castles with the expansion of the server, but it makes things interesting
About PvP, one arena for all the PvP, which is nice cause when you want to fight, then you don't need look where to go.
Currently there are 4 Guilds on the server, as the number rises the action will too

So OriginRo brings some cool and unique features to make things interesting to the playing field
Cool Hunting Quests with different lvls and really cool prizes
Survival Challenges - Solo & Party Modes
Team Battles - Capture the flag kinda type
EXP Investor - Raises EXP to entire server if the zeny donations by the community has been made
And more cool and unique stuff
And I'm sure more is to come!

So If you like old school servers, and miss the nostalgia, want a good community & cool & unique features try the server out


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Re: OriginRo Server Review - A Month Experience
« Reply #1 on: Nov 07, 2017, 01:07 PM »
i'm there to its really good serve i hope that they can make the Ro reunion back again and have a good comunity like in old times