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Author Topic: NovaRO better than iRO and ROPH  (Read 2798 times)

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NovaRO better than iRO and ROPH
« on: Oct 22, 2018, 07:00 PM »
I haven't tried other private servers so my point of comparison is only the international official server iRO and the local official server in my country ROPH.

I feel grateful for ROPH where i first played RO,I wanted to support the official servers and original developers, and at first, I didn't want to play private servers, but I had to since I can't no longer stand the bot issues in ROPH. With the diminishing population of humans in ROPH, the community became toxic/unhuman, and I just played there hours of bot hunting and reporting.  I tried iRO but I found it plagued with active RMT advertisers, wherever there is big-time RMT businesses, surely there are bots too, so I left iRO after only a few days.

Been in official servers for a year and now in NovaRO for a month.  I haven't ever tried PVP and WOE so my review is just on the community, PVM, farming and making zeny.



1. PVM

With entrance quests removed, so many more maps to enjoy PVM readily without the hassle. 

With the cheap reset man, I enjoy experimenting and testing different builds. You can more easily and cheaply tailor your build for the particular map/monster you wanna fight.

Without bots, maps in NovaRO is not too crowded (no bots met so far), there are enough monsters for everyone.   

MVPs are more easy to encounter. On my first few hours in the server, I met five MVPs and defeated two.  I also more often encounter surprise monsters and so it's more exciting.

2. Farming/Drop Rates

Drop rates in NovaRO is just high enough to enjoy farming and low enough to not over saturate the market.  In official, farming felt a bit frustrating unless you use a bubble gum.     

I find it good also that MVP drops are more easy to get and so that power and control will not be in the hands of a few. 

It felt very rewarding, on my first day on the server, i was able to get a Giant Whisper card and Angel Wing in only a few hours of playing. 

3. Making Zeny

On my first day i was able to buy in NovaRO (just with zeny from farming) a sloth hat, which i had been working so hard for months in ROPH (buying cash shop items and selling it for zeny and still not able to afford it). 

In NovaRO, at level <100 i made around 1-5m/hour, at level >100, a newbie like me can make 10-20m/hour (just farming and selling).  I bet veteran RO players who are well-versed in buy and sell can earn so much more. 

It's easier to sell because of their custom market search features such as the #trade, so you know better the prices and the supply and demand.  The market database makes it easier also to find the best deals and not be fooled by overpriced merchants.

It's easier to save up, at job change, you'd get a box of free consumables enough for early levels. With the right build, one doesn't need to spend on consumables to level up. There are free healer NPCs and Warpers.  It's also relatively easy to get Creamy and Vitata cards.  Various quests are readily accessible to obtain excellent gears for free once you reach the level requirement.   

In ROPH, many merchants would label their shop "Pang POTS lang" (Please buy my items, need zeny just for buying potions), so hard to save up in ROPH, most zeny I earned from cash shop went just for consumables and warping.

4. Friendly Community

People are polite and helpful.  I found here in NovaRO what I missed from ROPH for so long, that real human community spirit of sharing, before the all bots and scammers took over.  I salute NovaRO for how they are able to handle the community well and it seems they strictly implement their rules so as to protect and keep a healthy community.


1. It's more addictive.  When I play ROPH, i sleep already when I'm sleepy and I usually play just when I can't do anything else, or i go online just to chat with friends. But in NovaRO, i tend to play even I'm sleepy and there are other things i need to do.

2. I'm less motivated to work and make real money coz I can enjoy the game without having to purchase from the cash shop.

3. I'm less pushed out of my introverted comfort zone to grow socially. 

In ROPH, i had no choice but to interact more with other players because leveling up and making money is so hard and not fun to toil alone. It's boring there without someone to talk to.  Also, waiting to fully restore HP, and not wanting to spend so much on potions, makes an opening for interaction.

But in NovaRO, i can simply ignore all the world and have fun with the game itself (including the fun of conveniently/remotely helping in #support threads).  I still haven't joined any party/guild so far coz it would make the game too easy for someone like me who likes more difficulty.   

Also, because of the #support thread, remote help is very available, unlike in ROPH where helping others is a more personal interaction.


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Re: NovaRO better than iRO and ROPH
« Reply #1 on: Oct 23, 2018, 11:20 AM »
RMT is good ~~
Everyone can make some money out of their game data <3

Offline Potatoes

Re: NovaRO better than iRO and ROPH
« Reply #2 on: Oct 23, 2018, 12:03 PM »
RMT is good ~~
Everyone can make some money out of their game data <3

Nobody in their right minds would allow RMT, what. All servers out there, official and private (and almost all MMOs too), do not allow it. If LimitRO does, then that's just messed up and you should be ashamed of yourself as an owner for letting these s*** people run a business on your server, and steal from you, literally.

Anyway, NovaRO seems to be doing very well so kudos to them. Fighting against RMT and bots require a lot of effort and it looks like they're handling that well.
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Re: NovaRO better than iRO and ROPH
« Reply #3 on: Oct 23, 2018, 12:29 PM »
Nobody in their right minds would allow RMT, what. All servers out there, official and private (and almost all MMOs too), do not allow it.
yes they do. they just have the server administration to hold the monopoly over RMT. it lets them limit what can be sold and minmax their costs.

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Re: NovaRO better than iRO and ROPH
« Reply #4 on: Oct 25, 2018, 10:40 AM »
i guess 1/1/1 revo classic is too hard for you, i understand that(im not yet 99 from start until today).

the roPH official group and townhall is cancer/toxic and even the comments in facebook, dont go there.

go here https://www.facebook.com/groups/468131500225953/ or https://www.reddit.com/r/RagnarokOnlinePH/
since it will take them a decade to make a forum  /heh

recent update was nice, they added a eden quest. (f*ck them for not giving us ingame halloween event this year)

about the cash shop, i look it like this. its business for them and game for us. so ill just enjoy it. (im glad i haven't spent any money ingame)

setting up for your character to have a stable life (not worrying about gears, zeny, pots etc). is pain in the @ss as a solo player.
  • you really need your own slave priest
  • searching for your comfort farming place
  • experimenting which gears are the best in your farming area

i also think nova ro is a fun server (haven't tried it yet, because i suck at 3rd job or im just lazy to learn it).
watching mumbalance video and seeing him enjoying what he is doing, makes me wanna try it too.