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Author Topic: NovaRO, Aurian's first real impressions  (Read 1341 times)

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NovaRO, Aurian's first real impressions
« on: Jun 27, 2017, 07:41 PM »
Welcome all to what I am placeing as an addin to the very review I just did not long ago on NovaRO.
I'm going to put it simple here. I've been part of many servers. even some which were private. most of them Pre Reneweal but I've also played the Reneweal servers from Steam. so going based off this info I have there and what I've done in this short time. lets just rate this to the catagories I tend to look at in RO servers. those being "Community" "Custom Content" "Content accessible" and "Rates".. the last one is "GM friendliness". as with many my reviews I do on other sites.. I don't tend to give actual scores. but with here using a 1 - 10. I will do the same.

First.. the Community. Rating: 9/10
I really can't complain here. there is quite a huge number of people on at any given moment online and it can be very social if you actively try to talk. I will admit that the drop is for two very minor issues.. one I kinda count on appearing always and the other being the little huddled groups that can happen. I can get it with the groups going to places to speak thier native tongue and I actually respect that most while not natively speaking english will do so in prontera thats not what bothered me its more just how secluded I felt just starting tell I met my friend who I joined to play along side. But having actually spoken with others and shared the info I know. I've gotten to talk with a fair few members and its been good so far.

Now the one major elephant in the room here... and it happens so often to me in areas too is the people who have merc or genetics and thier pet.. thinking they own a spot when another is already there fighting. while I know theres an antiks feature and such. it's still very irritating to go to level a lower level at say Anthell and after I am there at the eggs for a good while already, another shows who either is a genetic with his Homun S. or a merc user who doesn't keep the ai set to not kill everything it sees. that along side the random beggers it's a bit annoying but nothing so breaking of the good experiance that I could knock the number less then one point.

Now "Custom Content" Rating: ?/10 SPECIAL RATING: 10/10
This server has Plenty of good content and while I have a rating of a ? for it. know that its not because I have a bad view of it. I've not gotten a chance to play some the instances and well I'm not a pvp gamer so battlegrounds kinda isn't something I would do. there however is a SPECIAL score going here. and its the chat system. namely the channels that make it so much easier to beable to talk to groups of people at any given time. very useful .also the maps they have added like the new market is very nice. and well done.

Content Accessible Rating: 10/10
ok time to own up to why I even put this. I live in the us and often I will hear of things like the Doram and such that I want to try but corse they arent in the iro servers yet. so I am stuck having to wait tell such a time I could play them... OR go to a server with them in it already. this server has most of Kro and Jro as far as I seen and has plenty of content accessible as well as some other good content like the events which are handled very well.

Rates 10/10
I'm very glad to see the server with the rates it has and add to it theres times where cirten things have even better rates this makes me very happy, I might have played some the super high and high rate servers but those often bore me to no end when you get to the end of leveling that it basically is meaningless.. OR the fact of it being a pvp focused server or a server like another I wont go to into detail on whos quests are so dang insane that its not worth the time of even doing them. This server has the Eden group. has plenty of quests and content which with the rates is setup really well to make it a very fun experiance to work with any char.

GM Friendliness 10/10
this one is also good, with what interactions I've had so far with the GM staff they have been very kind and also very upfront with what info they can. Granted I know others have said some rather harsh things of them but when its someone who causes issues (and is remaining nameless out of respect). I will say that there was good reason. I've had no bad interations so far with them in discord or even the times I've seen them in the server. everything seems so nice and well taken care of that I've not a reason to really even say much aside of this.


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Re: NovaRO, Aurian's first real impressions
« Reply #1 on: Jun 27, 2017, 08:48 PM »
Thank you so much for your review Aurian! I hope you continue to enjoy your time in NovaRO. :]