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Author Topic: NewbFuryRo (Formerly Alderamin) - A month 's playtime  (Read 1380 times)

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Hello All,

NewbFury RO (formerly known as Alderamin RO) is a Highrate Pre-renewal server with a mix of Renewal content. I have been playing since its first week after its launch, and I have come to love this server in that short period of time. Sadly, the population of the server is suddenly waning, so I decided to share my experience in this server, and hopefully gain more people to play with.  /??

The Server is a High Rate (3k/3k/6k) so leveling up isn't that much of a problem. The server provides an account-bound high tiered equipment's (available for 7 days) and a vacation ticket (7 days, 300% XP and more) to help players level and get the feel of the game.

Something New
-New 'Pots' System
The server introduces a new potion regeneration system which changes instant recovery to an overtime effect. E.g. Yggdrasil berries recover 30% HP/SP for 4.5 sec every .8 seconds. A simple twist, but creates a nice shift in gameplay.

-Neo Weapons
As reaching transcendence is the peak job in this server, there are custom weapons endowed with  3rd job skills. These custom weapons are available through questing in game. The skills are randomly generated and could gain up to 3 skills depending on the weapon refinement level (+10, +15). Only when a player donates that the system will provide the player the option to immediately choose the skills for the weapon. (Gunslinger, Ninja, star Gladiator, Soul Linker, and Super Novice Weapon skills are still unavailable.-probably on the way)

Headgears and accessories
There are a variety of custom headgears to choose from. Each boosts skills of the different jobs to completely diversify the builds of players. On the other hand, each accessory adds a generous primary stat bonus. Most headgears are fairly easy to make, unlike the accessories which uses MVP drops for its item completion.

There are a number of (known)events that are running in the server :Disguise, Poring Catcher, Run or Die, devil Square, and Endless Tower.
The server also provides themed events depending on any special occasion. Last month, a Halloween event took place that brought a plague of roided jakks. Now, turning over to this month's Christmas event, A horde of Antonio's are polluting each city. Tons of goodies are in store during the event and its completion making it fun and competitive.

The bosses are buffed and are tough – some of them have added skills(Vesper has soul strike). It is recommended to hunt them by parties, but still be able to be killed solo (for a long time though).
The server also gives player a Daily boss system where the player can kill 3 random bosses to gain ‘card fragment’ drops. These drops, when collected at a certain amount, can be traded for their real counterpart.

The community still has a tiny population 10-15. So far all of the players that I've met are nice and helpful to one another.
The GM's are accommodating as well, and try their best in supporting players in game and in discord.


The only PvP content currently available due to the small amount of players is the PvP room. WoE is still not implemented yet, but will soon be as soon the average players reach a certain mark.


Zeny is still not that circulating much, what happens most of the time is bartering.

Extra Content

The GM posted an average player online milestone. When reached it opens new content, such as King of Emperium, WoE, and more Original PvE content.

Other notable NPC's/content in game:
  • Gold Room - PvP enabled map to farm high zeny lots (gold, treasure box)
  • MVP Warper - MVP's in Vanilla stats
  • Mining - Equipment farm alternative instead of MVP/Mob grind.
  • Dead Branch Room- private rooms to hold MVP summons


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Re: NewbFuryRo (Formerly Alderamin) - A month 's playtime
« Reply #1 on: Dec 10, 2017, 06:01 AM »
I've been playing this server for like 1week and i must say that it is quite challenging and enjoyable so far, challenges are rewarding especially this season of Christmas events. Every player i've met/talked so far are friendly and will guide you through the mechanics of the server/game. and btw you also forgot to add global drops :P