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Author Topic: Neverlasting RO  (Read 2342 times)

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Offline demonicplayer09

Neverlasting RO
« on: Apr 15, 2012, 11:15 AM »
I dont know where to start or what to say first...
Im looking for some good SHR server where pvp is fun etc. etc.
but this server has to be the worst of ive played.. and i played a lot of servers back then

Community: 2/10
Community is bad.. good reviews in rms list says there are around 40-50 people.. lol what a lie
there are only 20-25 players online.. and half of it is dual client just for fcp.. so there are only 12-14 active players.
oh and people here are rude.. *cant avoid that in every server* but, if you're a newbie, people wont talk to you, only gm's.
people in pvp will just bully you and make fun of how noob you are.

Class Balance: 2/10
what to say what to say.. this server only has 2 base jobs.. stalker and sniper , melee range its pretty boring

Economy: 1/10
you can easily get rich here. no point in hunting except for quest and stuff like that. people do multiple account voting.

PVP: 1/10
pvp here sucks like s#!T. You wont last 3 seconds if you face stalkers and snipers.. no dmg capacity because the admin is so stupid or lazy to fix the server. like all servers there are weak class and strong class.. but here there are only 2 class running pvp and the rest are trash.

GM's are fun to talk with, active and gives a s#!T about newbies, make events etc. etc.

This server needs a lot of fixing when it comes to balancing pvp and stuff like that, players dont respect others especially newbies, over all this server blows.