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Offline Styx

« on: Sep 24, 2016, 05:26 PM »
I played the Beta and this server will start within 18 hors from now.
The administrator is very active, never seen anything like this in years. Specific, he doesn't respond to the needs of a certain group only.
Everyone did get a serious response in forum. As a matter of fact everyone did respond likewise, no flaming, no bully idiots around here.
A difference is that it is all with a very adult approach and what a relieve that is against all these servers that are obvious run by young people who believe their own truth is the the only truth.
The current community is very diverse from all over the world and everyone treats the other one with respect, something the current top guilds don't seem to have anymore.
The server is a low midrate, lvling is convinient enough100x and quest rate 50x, the normal drops are 20X which will still give enough feeling it is a grind game also.
There is a warper to lvl 1 dungeons but you can get access with warp scrolls to all fields and dungeons by an unique Fishing, Mining and Wood cutting system.
Even a casual player can catch up with this. So, if you are a casual average player, you really should take a shot at this server. Who thinks playing against those boring 3pp based Guilds is a challenge anyway:) It isn't. This could be a server without them, a gathering place for all the lost souls that did like to play this game for entertainment only and beat them in numbers.