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Author Topic: MyExpirience in Yumi RO - SG Server  (Read 1182 times)

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MyExpirience in Yumi RO - SG Server
« on: Aug 24, 2018, 12:48 PM »
Hi,  /ho
i just wanted to continue my review on YumiRO - SG Server  /pif
yea firstly its say there is battlegrounds and yep its only happen once.
about modified aura and color nicknames are based on cash which is donation and there is lot of thing that make it more likely to Pay to win server which is when you donate you can buy stuff like cards, godly armor,and Aura also costume for baby jobs and some of the 3rd jobs like Warlock even tho the job is not available and its loading screen mostly is 3rd job , and this server is Singapore and Australia but when i play in singapore i found mostly player are friendly EVENTHOUGH the player are from Filipino and talk their own language even though their admin and just make some people like me singaporean wonder what are they talk about. and for when you joining this server you got freebies once in one id that gives you some kind of set and godly weapon grade 3 i mean the powerful one but number 3 and if you try to make your own its need like dozen of requirements and money andd its also need to upgraded to +10 to make it powerful like you will always lose on pvp or WOE or even in MVP hunting the GODLY player just kill it easily like Thana with 2 asura and the admin sometimes host an event that spawn mvp like 15 kiels killed around 1-5 minutes and for the newbie player its just too bad that can't even kill single one of them and hunted by the player that equiped with CASH or even play long long time ago and admin also host an event that most likely are support LONG time player and CASH player by serve them event like collect some ingredients from monster to exchange with something that take long long time to get and some random event like somehow they make event like   drop gold,silver,bronze coin all the way in town and let the player get it like making the server economy falls and hard for new player , and for 1 hour boss spawn is only available for some MVP , and all donation items obtain through farm yep with killing impossible boss in farm and miniboss that only give 10% rate to get 1 or can 10 CC get from devil square event that give little chance to and for just buying skins like 500 CC needed and the farm so messed up because instead of dokebi that drop gold because they need more money to make sets they changed it to golden poring that give 20% rate drop for bronze coin that worth only 1m ; besides that there is also features like fishing that make 1 player make 3 account and go fish all of them and the system is like casting and you got an item and the chance to get bubblegum is so little and not only that there is also mining but the system they make is making it level so each time break crystal ur mining level get around 1xp and you need about 10k exp maybe? for achieving level 20 that can break all kinds of crystal that the highest reward you get is gold coin and enriched elu and ori and the tools can be break too based on what price that you buy. all class said is well balanced but well its obviously unbalanced !!!! the Sura is too OP for killing MVP and pvp with some aftercast delay -100% and no delay for consuming like YGGberry
and for some of them just use bard for spam the freeze thing and wizard for do strom gust. and also PArty Reliable instance is like nope~ i only found around 2 guilds that active for WOE that the player is total count around 1-15? and the rest just one of their acc used for fishing there is also some item that take really impossible mission for newbies or new player like for getting Boarding halter or some equipment making mission we should do smth like kills Gopinich 999 or kills King Poring and get 1 poring coin , but how? you cant kill that alone and the mission is individual. and the point of this server is about cash and the game to kill each other is only about AFTER CAST DELAY like even i see player that used class like ninja , wizard,gunslinger,sura all they do is SPAMMING skills ony MVP or player. and to be master in this private server the easiest way is to PAY cash or lets just say DONATING them , or the harder way is farming DOZENS of item for sets like 1200 for fur and Soft Fur and around 20 gold coin for 1 eq so its gonna be around 6*20 = 120 gold coin but the sets not include accessory which there is also godly accessory there and compete other player to kill mvp card like thana but all you can get is from BDB or play around 00.00 AM and grind lots of refine thing and grinds enchant stone for give stats like after cast delay-20% instead of card and even something worst like you can also upgrade eq using some items there that cost soo much like around 2k cashcoin maybe? not sure and lazy to play that server again.and for equipment improvement for enchanct status like INT is only available for cash only and... Costume can be refined and get effect aswell well im not quite sure too and pretty sure some of the player that spend lot cash and lot of time might read this will be triggered and give some contradicting fact or statement. Well also for farming its hard :) the golden poring health so many and all you can do just spam skills to them and do some alootid commands and get killed by the guardian there that give 10% chance 1 Cash COin and for devil square only appear 4 time in a day which is every 6h and lot of player just open their "3 ACC" for get some free 5 Gold coin and chance to get 10 CC and while you spend money isnt enough too in the buffer npc only give you blessing and increase speed while the VIP buff you should rent them and quite sure the buff is somehow not complete . ahh one more thing for making sets you should make like 2 sets which is 1st set that required for making the 2nd sets and there is 3grade godly weapon like 3rd grade is boost like 20% , 2nd grade boost 40% and 1st grade boost 60% + refine that make it more powerfull but too make 3rd grade you just need do some easy stuff mission but while you do 2nd grade just for making one weapon need to have all the 3rd grade for exchange for grade2 and for 1st grade is way impossible that you only can get the requirements from MVP like NAGHT SIEGER that also drop rate is 20% but its just 1 of 8 maybe for the requirements and takes lot of money. Well i just tell the truth in this dozens words the choice its up to you :) and if you still insist to try that server well... goodluck and see the truth especially you can find 5 gm merchant in mall and 7 player afk all the time in left side map and the right side lot of player 2nd and 3rd account do fishing and correct me if im wrong :) i guess thats it see ya and thanks to reading my review  /no1


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Re: MyExpirience in Yumi RO - SG Server
« Reply #1 on: Aug 25, 2018, 05:09 PM »
o_o this wall of text takes some time to digest ... do you want to add some spacing to make it more readable?

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Re: MyExpirience in Yumi RO - SG Server
« Reply #2 on: Aug 27, 2018, 12:45 PM »
This is totally reviewing the server bad which is not really like that. You even review on the server that you played for a month? seriously?. if you played that long. surely you have a lot lot of items. also cash just donations? are you out of your mind? therea farm area that drops cash coins. and quests that give cash coins and also automated event the devil square that give cash coin. add up the cash coin you get from joining War of Emperium.. And you say its pay to win? the modified auras are freaking free.

Farm Area is more effective than gold farming on dokebi.. Dokebi just drop 1 gold at 45% while the golden poring on Farm Area drops 2 Bronze coin at 20% then use bbg it will become 40%. theres even a lot of porings inside farm area. you can even get 3-4b zeny wherein you can buy 40-50 Bloody branch. o.O naght sieger even shows up on BB and other LHZ bosses

and you say it has 2 server singapore and australia? thats not server its proxy.

i hope the admin check this review. most of the players here get their full set in just less than 3 days. All things here are obtainble without donating.
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