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Author Topic: My long description of Old Chaos Ragnarok Online  (Read 767 times)

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My long description of Old Chaos Ragnarok Online
« on: Sep 12, 2017, 09:28 AM »
Old Chaos Ragnarok Online is a classic server with base 3x/3x/2x rates and no boss cards of any kind ingame.
They make up for not having the imbalanced boss cards by having an imbalanced donor system.
The game is blatantly pay to win and obviously some kind of cash scam as aside from WoEing every weekend, which you can only really do if you live in the Philippines, there is not much else to do.
Unless you find preparing for WoE to be fun.
Which, surprise, it's not.  /omg
The economy is run by the people who donate. And even then only by the donors who choose to sell what they donated for.
Everyone in the game plays Knight or Monk.
That's an exaggeration, but not a big one.
You can't "dual client" unless you also use their mobile app on your phone.
Which pretty much makes the rule of "no dual clienting" not an actual rule.
They give "freebies"
Let me tell you.
I'm about to spill the tea.
The freebies are always the same three items over and over again
The same three items that have no use to end game players
Like, wow, ever heard of variety?
I guess when it's free you shouldn't complain but these freebies are feeling as fun as a long-term monogamous relationship.
Which is like, super boring.  /wah
The GMs make it a point when they log on, which is almost never btw, to tell their players that they are not obligated to play the game.
I think people just wanted them to sit down and chat or something.
Maybe they could be more hospitable to their guests.
But instead they go as far as to use /exall to just ignore everyone, and to ignore all emails that you send to them. Which, btw, are the only way to really contact them.
Their forum is a mess and they don't reply on facebook. They don't even use discord or teamspeak or line or telegram or anything else.
If you're lucky enough to get an email reply, it's usually something that was copy-pasted across all the emails they've ever replied to or just something like three words long and really unprofessional.
They recently implemented a new thing
WoE version 2.
Featuring renewal castles in their classic server
Wow, how exciting.
If you win the castle
You can't go to it after woe ends
So you cant do anything with the castle
Yay, new stuff!!!!  /lv :sarcasm:
Their maintenance takes hours to complete, and they always just add like three items to one npc or something.
It's so underwhelming.
They've been around for four months and still have yet to figure out how to properly run a server.
Their donation system focuses on needing to spend large amounts of money, on a server that's honestly not even worth it, for a small amount of compensation.
It's just clearly some kind of cash grabbing scheme.

And the "friendly" community I keep reading about in their reviews?
It's only really friendly if you're from the philippines.
Even though they support English and therefore should support a much larger audience, if you're not PH the players are usually really rude for whatever reason.
Like, okay, great for PH players. Everyone else? Find a different place to make friends. Please.

Their "reward for votes" system, which all servers have some kind of form of, is ludicrous. The ratio of the price of the vote items in their vote point store compared to the amount of vote points you can get daily is so unbalanced that it should be called the "Third Job Class System" store. Sure, the server is new. But the content is so lacking and so repetitive that you wouldn't want to play it even if they added 10 episodes worth of content the next day.

(Btw, classic and pre re servers with renewal elements? How original)

TLDR? Old Chaos Ragnarok Online is a half-assed classic server that borrows many of its exciting features FROM Renewal. if they wanted renewal features so bad, they should have just been a Renewal server. Their staff is rude and unprofessional and altogether boring. Their community sucks. Their economy is based off of donations, and they have no real content except for WoE.