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My experience in the Ragnafield


My experience so far being good.I'm brazilian and i can say that brazilian players sucks, most of themn are complicated beings that can only be described as stupids. So players that are respectfull and honored usually search for server to call home that treat that members with respect and some afection.
I try many servers and usually there are some major errors and that we can't escape but the server has members that try to keep in contact with the players to find any errors or just to give some advice.
The server has many events, the chicken killyou when you try to tank to her ( name Cluckers) and the cash is avaiable but yet dificult to obtain.
So my analysis is 10 eagles of 10 birds and remeber, there is always a home to you in Rangafield

Chaos to everyone

I believe it should be Ragnafied instead of Ragnafield. :) Glad to hear you found your new home through our server!


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