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Offline Kyrellia

Midi City RO
« on: Mar 12, 2017, 10:00 PM »
Where to start? Hmm... Midi is still in Beta ~ but shining bright *~*

This is not your ordinary RO Server - it's completely customized (as in COMPLETELY) .. I for myself, love to see something like that after so many years of RO =)

It has it's own nice Maps, Monsters, Dungeons, Instances, Quests, Headgears (and oh my god - sooooo many awesome headgears) and much more.

Also this is not a typical RO Server; You have to do Quests (via Boardquest on every Map, Daily Quests (like delievery ect.), other random Quests on each Map and of course Partying.

Leveling a Novice is usually very boring .. but not here. On Midi you can get an Asseccory Statue which gives you couple of Skills from a first Class, to help you out and support your party (very lovely feature)!

Midi will also have it's own crafting System like; Farming, Cooking, Cartography and so on (more about that will be announced on the Forum by the Admin after the Beta).

The Guildsystem will also have a nice Rework to bring the Members more together with Guildquests and so on.

So far my experience in the Beta was:

All Players I've met were super friendly and helpful - some even kept following us on our Adventure lol :D
The Admin is also very friendly and helpful in Game as also on Forum and Discord.

Here are some Screenshots I've took:

(Shouldn't have messed with Fabre-Boss) >.>'

What would be a RO World without ugly things?

Kawaii Starter Backpack *~*

You can even have Waifu Card (I'm still waiting for Male Editon) xD

And this is an MVP (for low Levels, which we were testing before Beta)

For me a really, really unique Server made with lots of Love and Patient. You simply have to explore EVERYTHING - there are no known Towns, Fields, Dungeons, Monster! Just like when you start playing RO for the very first time.. It's really awesome and a lot of fun running into unknown Maps with your party and sometimes.. well sometimes you have to run away lol.
I hope it will grow big after the Beta and becomes crowd by a lot of people with kawaii Headgears
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Offline Cyan Hijirikawa

Re: Midi City RO
« Reply #1 on: Mar 12, 2017, 10:11 PM »
Thanks for the review Kyrellia! I'm glad people are liking the stuff we've put so much effort into making and compiling!

This really gives us more drive to do better and to show appreciation to your expectation to us, we will surely deliver content that is worth playing!

Offline Shinsei

Re: Midi City RO
« Reply #2 on: Mar 13, 2017, 04:14 PM »
Greetings everyone!

I've come across MidiCityRO shortly before it had been moved onto current CBT phase, and I had the pleasure to take a sneak peek at some of the content that was being developed then and test out a few features at the time; I must say, I've been taken into awe by what I have seen there.

If you've ever come across any servers that may have been advertised as "Heavily Customized", and what not then well, only thing I can say here is that not much; if anything comes close to what MidiCity has to offer. Although just as in Kyrellia mentioned in her review I won't be spoiling anything of what is being worked on in MidiCity, however I can tell you that, you have LOT to look forward to regardless if you belong to the group of people who always seeks something new, or even if you may be one of those RO purists  /no1 because the content in this server is actually very, very unique and refreshing to your daily, repeatable grind of the exact same content every time.

On the side note, I've also had a chance to have a lengthy conversation with the lead developer about what had driven him as well as his team to the creation of this so-called masterpiece, and about where they see their work in the future. I concluded that they are in-fact passionate and proud of their work and the way the things are progressing; and if any of you had a chance to create basically new content, you know how challenging handling bugs and all the other unexpected events can be when working on very custom content.

In conclusion - If the flame of passion that is currently radiating from the team continues to burn, this still-rough diamond of a server is awaiting a very bright and fruitful future. But for them to succeed, we, as the community would need to take notice of it because any treasure if never noticed, will get covered in dust and remain a legend.

Thank you for your time!


Offline Stuntchica

Midi City RO
« Reply #3 on: Mar 14, 2017, 04:40 PM »
First off, i'd like to mention that i haven't played RO in a while. This would probably my second server that i played ever since i stopped playing back in 2015. I've always been a fan of the classic setup but i am also open to the idea of playing custom servers that doesn't derail too much from the Ragnarok Online we loved.

I found Midi City RO just when they are about to launch for their 2nd CBT and played at their first day. It hasn't been long since the start of their beta but everything i've experienced was totally unexpected in a greyt way. There could be bugs here and then but the Staff are absolutely working their hardest to squish them all in a jiffy.  The server offers classic setup, has a lot of unique systems and a lot of customization i've never seen in any other RO i've played including unique instance, a lot of custom maps, new mobs and cards that are pretty balanced if i must say.   It's like playing a different kind of RO but still retains the nostalgic feel of the classic game.

A lot of good ideas has been poured in this server and it has absolutely made it very enjoyable. It's a low rate server but the grind isn't all that taxing unlike other RO servers. It was actually a pleasant experience because there are quests here and there and there'll be instances that helps leveling. The server currently is more gearing into being party oriented but they are trying to make it also more friendly to those who wish to walk the path of solitude. They also have Episodic releases in which new contents are released  and level cap increases until eventually they get to 99/50 which i think is a smart way to help out the newer players to catch up easily and makes the game more balanced.

Customs maps and mobs are all honestly great. It's my first time actually experiencing doing MVP's as a first class. It was a ton of fun playing with other people in the server too. Most of the people i've encountered are friendly and actually speaks English! I've been to a lot of Server that are marketed as International yet people aren't speaking English in the game chat but i feel like this server won't be anything like that.

It is a heavily customized server with a lot of Anime inspired features. If you're a fan of Animes especially Love Live. This is the perfect server for you. I'm really looking forward for the growth of this server and will definitely be playing in the official release. So far so good! Everything is greyt!

I'm not sure if it's allowed but this is the MvP'ing i'm talking about as first class. Ton of fun!


Video might not be available to other countries unfortunately but i'd like to provide some screenshots i've taken during my journey in the server.

Offline Cyan Hijirikawa

Re: Midi City RO
« Reply #4 on: Mar 14, 2017, 08:55 PM »
Thank you for your review! I'm glad you liked what we did with the server, to be honest it was a "hit or miss" situation, but it seems like we're headed to the right direction. Thank you for your support and look forward to more content that will amaze players who try out the server.

Offline vanz412

Re: Midi City RO
« Reply #5 on: Mar 24, 2017, 11:47 PM »
where can i dl this ? i wanna try

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Re: Midi City RO
« Reply #6 on: Mar 25, 2017, 10:08 PM »