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Author Topic: MicsRagnarok - 99/70 MidRate Pre-Renewal  (Read 770 times)

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MicsRagnarok - 99/70 MidRate Pre-Renewal
« on: Oct 01, 2017, 09:36 AM »
MicsRO is a 1 month old server, it is a 99/70 Mid-rate Pre-Renewal server and it has custom drop rates.

The server was created September 9 this year and I only joined the server 2 week after its opening and been playing it until now. Everything is balanced, especially the drop rates. It's not that hard nor that easy it's perfect for me, though the server only has 20+ active and consistent players but it will grow soon enough. There's not much content as the server focuses more on being a classic server with minimal amount of customization. I've been only playing this server for over 2 weeks now and I can honestly say that I enjoyed my time here though there's not much people to talk to but they're nice and friendly even if we only have a low population but everyone here is tightly knitted.

As for the events, there are 4 automated events which is Disguise Event, Poring Catcher, Slot Machine, and Dice Event. It always start every hour alongside with Battlegrounds, right now the Battlegrounds is 5vs5 as there's not that much people here but hopefully more people will join in with the fun. There's one thing that you should know is that the some useful NPCs like Reset Girl, Quest Shop, Poring Coin Shop, etc are all placed around the towns/cities of Midgard and everyone will need to find them(which is easy) and it gives you the experience of exploring every map and could be used for HNS events.

As for the GM availability, there's only 1 which is the Admin(Owner) of the server but he is a available throughout the day though there's usually time where he isn't offline but usually he AFKs his GM character and you can leave a message on @request or on the Forums. There's nothing much to say here as he is the only one at the moment.

For the balance and such, there's nothing much to say as there's no PVP scene at the moment as most of the players here are either grinding, making new characters, and/or farming for gears and cards. Though there will be time where the EXP will be doubled which is usually every 3 hours or so but I might be wrong.

For Hunting and Leveling, everything is good as it isn't that much hard to level up but once you reached transcendant class 90+ you would find it a bit hard to level up without having a field manual and such. Quick advice use your field manual when you saw an announcement for double EXP and such, as for Hunting/Farming the drop rates are pretty quite decent as I can farm the cards that I would need in just 5 - 10 minutes but with Bubblegum it would take much less time than that. The MVP drop rates has a .1% fixed chance to drop thus not everyone would suddenly have MVP cards and had to do a party to farm for it.

You can also buy headgears using vote points which will be Poring Coins, you will receive 1 poring coins every hour and once you are online for 4 hours you will receive a special prize(I haven't saw it as I am usually busy at that time) and at the same time you can exchange those Poring Coins for 5,000zeny each.

Also a quick note, every night(in-game) PK will be available for 2-hours but there won't be much PK'ing as there's not much playerbase at the moment. For WOE, it'll be available once there's 100+ consistent players. There's no donation imbalance as you can do quests for them on the Quest Headgear NPCs found north of Izlude. Anyways that's all for my review and hopefully you guys would join us and have fun!

Link to their website: http://micsragnarok.tk
Forums Link: http://micsragnarok.tk/forum/
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