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Memories RO
« on: Mar 05, 2017, 03:23 AM »
Hi Guys Its me.. A nobody xD !

So This is a first ! *Kinda New Here*
Okay, So Here goes. In my Years of playing RO, this is my 1st time to write a review. And the review is about Memories Ragnarok Online

first of all i have to say that im kind of culture shocked since i came from a 255/120 server. the server that im playing right now (Memories Ragnarok Online) is a 99/70 based server.

I have to say that i am enjoying the fact that the server that im playing right now is smooth. No Lags, Seems that there is no problem *running in their second day* (Im Literally having fun atm).

nowadays people look for instant lvls and items to be precise. But there are still others that still likes lvling and farming type of servers. and im one of them to be honest. the quest are not that bad you can do it if youre quite knowledgeable on hunting or what to use to make items.

The Admins are approachable. They are friendly i guess  /ok i see them active unlike the other servers that ive tried.

As of now they are having an event *too bad i cant join coz im already tired from playing nonstop /sob*
Looks fun to join but maybe some other time.

The Community is still on its progressive state since it just started. we hope to gain more players (im suggesting that you try this server folks).

The Woe is not yet implemented. its still on hiatus since other players have not farmed its yet. but sometimes i see people go to pvp.

So. Thats it ! this is my review on the server that ive been playing.
i suggest that you try this server :) Lets meet up here and get rollin'