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Limit RO
« on: Jan 05, 2016, 07:15 PM »
Hello Everybody.

You may or may not have heard of this server by now, but I have been playing here since about June 2010 give or take. I have tried other servers, some have disappeared into history, but Limit has been around for a good reason.

Rates: 100/100/25
These are "mid" server rates, so leveling may take a couple of days if you don't have anybody to play with or are are just starting off new. This is pretty cool due to the fact that it's not an instant reward and you are finished. You will actually have to work to get your levels depending on your class type. Card drops are not at all easy. Some days you will be lucky, some days you'll be pulling your hair out.

Parting on times of the day, you'll have more fun at your disclosure as most players hop on during the evening naturally, you will see the players online jump from around 300+ to 500+ very fast.
There are hardly any connectivity issues experienced, and if there is any planned down time, it is either from announced maintenance or other updates.

This is based on "renewal", so there are many new items and changes that you may/may not be familiar with. Tons of leveling parties to have fun with, as well as events to enjoy when they are provided.
Many useful @commands to use on the server for quick access and getting info on things.

Item Updates
This server is constantly updated with new items and quests for you to enjoy on your time. It is basically a Sakray server to the Ragnarok world.

Admins status
2014- Recently, GM's have become more active and are casually seen online awaiting requests for players. This is kind of a new thing for us, but most GM's have been able to respond in a timely manner to questions asked. They are fun, they are friendly.
There have been many GM's in and out of this server naturally, it is high paced and demanding... so you'll get different flavours from each one. Some of them know the past histories as well as other GM's, but all in all the service and events provide a pleasurable experience to all.
You can choose how much interaction you want with the Game Masters.

All private servers run off of donations. Some players choose the Pay-to-Win style, while others pick up and can equally conquer. Any items you may purchase in Cash Shop are going to be of different style, but you have many kinds of items to choose from. Some you will laugh at while others you will drop your jaw on.
These items are not too overpowered, nor do they give players a true advantage over one another.

Economical status
The economy here is... kind of like the real world. You'll have players that have been on the server for ages and have accrued many strong items and equipment, while others are just starting off day 1 with novice gear. You get a great starter package to get things going on new characters, which makes things a lot easier to get your game on. Making money on the server is not particularly hard, so once you get things rolling: just keep rocking.

There are many different faces of the world here, and you'll most likely fit in with SOME group of people here. Everybody is pretty loose fit and mostly adult when it comes to interacting with other players online.

There are prompt responses to items which need to be updated/changed/removed and a very active forum to do so on.

Summary of Limit RO:
Probably the last server you'll need to enjoy or play for private servers on Ragnarok Online. It's a crazy world out there, and this is just one place you can spend your time freely. If you're going to spend time, at least spend it with countless friends you will meet here. Join us!
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Re: Limit RO
« Reply #1 on: Apr 06, 2017, 06:06 PM »
Edit 2017:
Fyi this was a trade for a 'positive' server review in trade for in game cash items/options.

Lai has very low morale and continues to float a sinking ship via tax evasion. I have never experienced such a low failure of a person managing any type of server. Admins group flood and disregard players with MANY poor server and community decisions. Stay faaaar away from this server. It can crash and burn.

The server community and players on this server are extremely ignorant and cannot hold even basic conversation just like the administrator, Lai Zhou.

History is history and Lai chooses to eradicate or remove any traces of past server drama and failures.

Let the freedom flow and stay strong :) 
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