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Offline SnowBunny

Inertia RO
« on: Jun 22, 2012, 05:33 PM »
Okay. It's been a month. Lol.

Server Rating(Stability/Availability) : 15/20

Yeah.. It's pretty laggy. Since the Admin changed the last host. But it's playable overall. Nothing much here, moving on.

Community Ratings(Friendliness/Eventfulness) : 15/20

People here are pretty helpful(as long as you work your way somewhere and not beg) and are willing to help you if you're in need. Make friends around and you'll be okay. Most people here are friendly and maybe a bit flirty but meh, it's the internet so expect everything.
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Game Master Ratings(Friendliness/Availability/Helpfulness) : 16/30

It's been a mixed bag during my stay at InertiaRO. There's been some(actually really just one or two on my list) spectacular GMs hired who proved to be very social, understanding and perhaps a bit comical? Most of them are helpful and will respond if the situation calls for it. If they don't, it usually means they're AFK with some IRL work or stuff. And there have been some pretty abysmal GMs that have been hired who were clearly not worthy of the position.

GMs are mostly picked and put through trial to reflect their worth and whether they're fit and fair enough to become GMs of the server. Though, there's one particular GM who got his position clearly because he's a friend of the Admin. I find this pretty biased and it pretty much  reflects a bit badly on the Admin's decisions being one sided.

Perry the Platypus(who's the admin) gave me a good impression when I first started out on the server, but over time, in a course of 4 weeks or so, very little updates happened. This disappoints me quite a bit as I really looked forward to the server being successful. When I asked him to get another Dev/Helper since he's always busy IRL, he told me he's never busy and shoved me off(GTFO) cause he's busy. Contradicting much?

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Anyway. Moving on.

Game-Play Ratings(Economy/Guild Competition/Class Balance) : 24/30

The economy here is mostly based on MVP cards and certain equips and also Poring Coins(tokens). As usual, a typical SHR server.

Guild Competition has been growing lately, it was formerly one dominating guild, now split into minor ones. It's quite okay in my opinion for now.

As for balance, I'm very impressed with the tweaks made. Most cards and gears have been altered to fit a SHR community-like pvp ground. Customs are all the same regardless if it's a donate, quested or event obtainable. Tho, some classes might still be a bit underpowered, so, hopefully it gets better somehow.

Overall/Conclusion : 70/100

It's a good server. But it can be better. That is all based on what I've seen and experienced here so far.

Update: I forgot to mention. Kill farming for pvp scores here do happen on a daily basis. It's still fun tho, but keep your wits about joining.
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Offline Perry the Platypus

Re: Inertia RO
« Reply #1 on: Jun 22, 2012, 08:59 PM »
I have to go pretty quick, but I should probably reply to this so I don't forget. ;o

In terms of server lag, I've never experienced any lag before or after the last host change (aside from a few times with our first host a while back, but that's why we moved the server). I've asked others and they've said the same - if you're experiencing lag issues, it's quite likely your ISP or network setup (one player mentioned he experienced lag until making changes to his DNS setup).

As for the staff, myself and Cinji do our best to keep an eye on them to make sure they're up to standard. My friend wasn't hired as a GM just because I know him, he was hired as a GM because he was a GM at my past server and he did a great job - and even if that wasn't the case, trust is a pretty big factor in who I pick as a GM. It's the same thing with other players - I wouldn't hire a player who applied the day after they joined, simply because I haven't had time to see whether or not they're trustworthy as GMs.

The saying "I'm never busy" and then following immediately with "Gtfo, I'm busy," there's not much to say about that aside from I had thought it was relatively clear that it was a sarcastic comment. I'm pretty sure I included a "<3" or ":D" or something like that to signify sarcasm...if not then whoops, my bad. But pretty much any player who's talked to me knows I use a lot of sarcasm. Nevertheless, I apologize that it came across as rude. And I haven't hired another developer yet for the same reason I mentioned above - I'm not going to hire a developer I don't trust, because I don't want to have to spend half my time double checking their work to make sure they did what I asked.

And...last thing that requires a response is the balance. We do try to make sure things are fair in PvP, but it's also hard to make things perfectly balanced all at once, so it's mostly a matter of making small changes at a time to slowly even things out. ;o

Anyways, thanks for the feedback on the server. <3 And...now I'm 20 minutes late, so...yeah. Oops.

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Re: Inertia RO
« Reply #2 on: Jun 29, 2012, 04:22 PM »
I been on inertia for a bit over a week now, idk the history but lol staff and community seem friendly enough, Perry? hes a RIOT!! lolol always makes me chuckle!!

yes as was stated above, like all servers there are butthurt pvpers, begging noobs, and a few trashtalkers, but from what I've seen, the staff here are quite quick to deal with it as they see fit, eg. mute/jail.
lag?  I've only experienced minor lags at times from my isp. same lag I experience in other servers.
Perrys on like everyday entertaining us all with his witty humour, and the odd event or 2. as well as the other active staffs I have seen.
I do have to say the few suggestions I made to Perry, was actually noted and approved and patched into server within... 24 hours?
thats fast...
And I hear the Admin "donates"
to his own server for his legits donate gears... how awesome!!! I have only known one other server owner thats like that lol.
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Re: Inertia RO
« Reply #3 on: Jun 29, 2012, 06:02 PM »
Go make your own review post if you're gonna kiss Perry's a**.. =="

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Offline Silverbaine

Re: Inertia RO
« Reply #4 on: Jun 30, 2012, 01:53 AM »
Just being honest man, you could be more mature too.. considering you yourself are planning or have.. your own server... I can only imagine what kind of Admin you will be with this type of attitude, and sorry bout replying, but it was linked to me so... yea. and its called "forums" for a reason, of course people will comment.
Snow just take a breather, go for a walk.. calm down, chillax, hit the heavy bag a bit (if you got one)  then after clearing your head.. do whatever lol. peace mate.
Xarale ~ As others have said, I do believe this topic is done now.  Therfore I shall be closing it, because I'm sexy.

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Re: Inertia RO
« Reply #5 on: Jun 30, 2012, 03:48 AM »
-Nevermind. Forget it. Not gonna argue with someone who's too stupid to make his own thread.-
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Offline Triper

Re: Inertia RO
« Reply #6 on: Jun 30, 2012, 10:49 AM »
Let's not jump into verbal fights if possible.
People are free to do their own topics and post their reviews about how they feel the server they're playing is but if someone wants to post something about the same server and it just shows more of the same thing about it[like more bad actions of the staff or more positive actions showing that the server is super awesome ^_^, 1+1 = Big 1, that type of stuff], I don't see a problem about being in the same topic since, in the end, it just helps people that want to join a server have less work about checking how good/bad it's aka You will have more people to play with =D

In this specific case, Silverbaine was just stating that one the GMs[if it's not a GM and is the Admin, sorry by the mistake] was cool and stuff, no need to bash him even if it may look like he was "licking his feet" to you. It was just his opinion, nothing more and I will remember this post made by relics sometime ago in here:
Let me warn you beforehand, if you feel like posting here criticism on your review might just be posted.
Now that you know this, I don't want any excuses that your thread is being 'overhauled' by people who are just voicing their opinion and you want it cleaned.