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Author Topic: Honest Review Good Gamers Ragnarok Online  (Read 638 times)

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Honest Review Good Gamers Ragnarok Online
« on: Oct 13, 2017, 06:43 AM »
It's been 26 days since I played this server and I loved it. What are the differences of GGRO from other private server? I'll give you 10 amazing reasons:

1. GGRO is a unique and stable classic private server.  /no1
• Developers created the server and prepared for quite some time before they launched it, to avoid major errors and bugs that the server may encounter in the future.
2. GGRO is a free to play server.
• Guaranteed FREE to play and not a PAY to WIN server. You need Proof of Donations? Simple. Donate items are already available thru quest, battleground voting system and events. You don't need to spend money for you to be strong. Grind and you will get the items that you want. Ez PZ.  /kis
3. GGRO is developed and owned by one person.
• You don't have to worry about Admin-Developer issue in the future.
4. Approachable Game Masters
• They organized the team to assist players and make sure that players have a go to person just in case admins are not around. You can contact them on their Facebook Page and in-game 24/7, you will never be ignored and hesitate to ask questions from them cuz they do help and make sure they suffice the needs of their players. 101% Excellent Player's support.
5. You're the boss
• Whatever suggestion you give them that will benefit the majority and the server, they make sure that they address your concern and consider your suggestions. They will talk to each players what will be best for the server, as what I've heard from them, the server is for the players to enjoy.
6. Unique quest and events
• GGRO don't want their players to see the typical quest and events in the servers they played with. GGRO guarantee that every update there is something new to see in the server. New items, New NPC like RESTOCK where in it will be very easy for you to stay in a battle and worries no more of your pots or healing items, etc. Restock is one way to transfer your items from your storage to your inventory. One of the AWESOME NPC that GGRO has.  /lv
7. Consistent and reliable
• Administrators are consistent and reliable person to talk with. You can reach them thru discord, they do livestreaming to talk to players and they're open to everyone, talk to them if you need to discuss something.
8. Friendly environment
• GGRO make sure that players in the server are ready to help newbies. If you're new in the server, there are a lot of players who will reach out their hands to help and assist you the best way they could. Experienced it when I was a newbie in the server. You can use #main command to talk them globally. Worries no more :)
9. Active Administrator
• Though admins have their own work aside from managing the server, admins of the server always make sure that your concern will be noted and taken care of. Waiting 24-72 hours is the waiting time when you request to them, VOILA! They'll make your request happen, of course they will let you know if it will benefit all players in the server and don't hurt other players.
10. Last but not the least, GGRO is not a business. It is a server where fun and excitement in the server is a priority. As long as players are enjoying the server, it is more than enough for them to make the server alive.  /no1

If you're looking for a fast leveling, fast items, fun and exciting experience in Ragnarok, I highly suggest GGRO, give it a try and you'll never regret the moment you try to play in this server. Look for me in-game. Sweet Strawberry is the name. I will be more than happy to extend my help as much as I could so you can enjoy playing and experience the true fun in Ragnarok World.  /lv /kis