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Author Topic: Game Design of Rise Of Midgard  (Read 1414 times)

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Offline Nimb

Game Design of Rise Of Midgard
« on: Feb 16, 2017, 03:11 PM »
Hello fellows,

Im here to highlight some point in a server I have been playing on lately, Rise Of Midgard (https://riseofmidgard.com/).

Revisited Low-rate Levelling Experience

Ragnarok levelling system is designed to make you grind. High-rate servers take the joy of getting 99 from your hands and low rate servers bore you to death before you get there.

RoM Solution

First things first, it's a low rate server (5/5/3). So getting to 99 is a victory on itself, which is present on all low rate servers. The key difference is that RoM implemented tasks, which you can do every 4hrs so you can get up to 24% exp if you manage to beat the monsters, and also scoring some points to change for coins, which I'll get to later. This is not only good because you get to grind less, but it's in a sweet spot where getting 99 still fells like a victory and at the same time, you can plan when you will get 99 due to theses tasks (Game designing milestones). On top of that you have events that award the participants with base %xp, so you can still get those bonuses off the schedule, which is a surprise reward for more excitement!!

Ragnarok Economy sucks!! Let's fix that!

Classic Ragnarok lacks an economy sink. If drop chances are too high, the market gets flooded, maps like gonryun dungeon get crowded of farmers and all of the sudden, the server rots due to lack of economy. Low rate servers doesn't experience this as everything will have a greater value, even grapes or yellow herbs might be useful. But honestly, low-rates drops suck. You have to rely on countless hours of grind (or botters) just to get some basic gear so you can have fun.

RoM Solution

Even though drops are 3x (which makes consumables, materials and misc items less likely to drop), equipments have AT LEAST 0.1% of getting dropped and cards have AT LEAST 0.2%
With that change, the grind for those items are less likely to be boring, while drops like Alcohol / Karvo / Ygg berries / Royal Jellies are somewhat hard-earned. Money flows in a slower pace and items flows a little better, so you can trade items and gears!

RoM Solution, part 2

Some items are still a pain to get, even with 0.1% chance and you just don't want to farm them. No problem, you can spend coins to craft LIMITED ACCOUNT-BOUND gears. Mixing coins, materials (elu / steel ) and low level slotted gears, you can create items like the Morpheus Set in some time. Not only the economy doesn't get hit by the creation of those items, but you get to plan yourself to get them instead of depending on luck or time, you will rely on your resource management. Those items cost some hefty amount of zeny to be crafted thus adding another sink to the global zeny on the server.
There are more things, and more choices

You get to play however you want. If you like farming zeny, go on, there will be cards and gears for sale as they doesn't require too much grinding. If you like farming for drops, rest assured that you will get them and the economy will hold it. Overall this games have so much to offer in aspects of PvM gameplay, which you don't see anywhere else.

As for the PvP aspect of the games I can't talk much since I haven't had any experience so far in the server, but the GM's are very close to the community and are constantly balancing things out for WoE and BGs. I could not be happier with this server :D

I hope to see you guys there!!


Offline Zinnia

Re: Game Design of Rise Of Midgard
« Reply #1 on: Feb 17, 2017, 12:36 PM »
Thanks a lot for your review Nimb! I'm glad you like those features

I believe Crafting needs a bit more of refinement though. We definitely found a solid solution to the economy with the combo high drop rates+refine bonuses, but the Crafting system could be even better.

I'll come around it when I have time to, it's on my todo!