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Author Topic: Forsaken RO  (Read 1357 times)

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Forsaken RO
« on: Jun 03, 2018, 07:03 PM »
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This server takes the new level of unprofessionalism, not only their forum admins and Gm's are unresponsive they are rude and clueless.... So what made me write this report?
1.downloading their full client of 3.3gb of corrupted files(update them lol)... It took me like an hour to download this server and after running the patcher boom i received 4 errors not only i fixed them myself i found a way on how to minimize those errors and soon plan to help others on it... But thats none of my business now..
2.after all those efforts i registered for the game... Typed in my credentials then BOOM! IP BANNED! For what reason? Scamming lul.... Who the hell would i scam? I just downloaded the game and registered few minutes ago then this server has to ban me for irrelevant reason?
3. Forums say i should file for support tickets and get help... They have the worst support system and manpower, it took them 6 hours for them to reply... They replied after 6 hours with "how did this happen?" Really? Of all the questions in the world you would ask a new player how dod that happen?!
4.ofcourse they can sensed my signs of frustration because i posted on the help desk page on their forums...
After that... They flagged me as rude and "wont help me with the issue" this is what you get for trying to get help to fix a simple altercation on the account....
So much for their ratings /an /omg


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Re: Forsaken RO
« Reply #1 on: Jun 12, 2018, 02:59 AM »
don't mean to undermine your complaints, but 6 hours is not awful response time. even if the GMs are spread in timezones, there is a chance they are all sleeping or at work/busy all at the same time. but i agree that is the wrong question to ask you. they should be asking stuff like do you have shared ip and stuff.