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Author Topic: GatheringRO - 250/120 High Rate Renewal  (Read 2467 times)

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GatheringRO - 250/120 High Rate Renewal
« on: Sep 03, 2017, 05:03 PM »
GatheringRO is a Renewal server that can look back on 12 proud years of uptime. However, I would be doing a grave mistake if I were to delve into the history of GatheringRO at this point. After all, I came here in order to tell you what GatheringRO has to offer at this very moment and why it is worth a visit right now. My review of this server will cover High-Rate, PVE, PVP, Donation, Population and Friendliness aspects. A general impression of mine that can be applied to all these aspects can be described in 4 words: A server that cares.

GatheringRO is a High-Rate server with a maximum Base Level of 250 and a maximum Job Level of 120. What does it mean for a server to be "High-Rate"? How does it affect the gameplay? Ragnarok is officially a very very slow and time consuming game. You usually have to invest a lot of time to even reach the maximum level. This can sometimes be an activity that people enjoy. Leveling can be fun, no doubt. But many a time people want to reach the end game as soon as possible to enjoy what the game is known for: War of Emperium, PVP or Instances such as Endless Tower...and many other things. On GatheringRO leveling will not take much time. Furthermore, custom NPCs, such as a Job Changer, Stat/Skill resetter or a Newbie Guide will help you along your way and even reward you with starter items to make the comparatively difficult first steps (yes, Ragnarok is a difficult game) easier. If you prefer spending time killing players in War of Emperium/PVP/BG, doing Daily Quests or Instances with friends over leveling up, a High-Rate is meant for you. GatheringRO is as good a High-Rate as any, but there is much more.


The owner of GatheringRO has a unique desire. He wants to reward every player for his efforts. As you will probably know, Ragnarok wasn't designed like this. In the world of Ragnarok  much wanted cards of MVPs or even the kills of these MVPs themselves are mostly reserved for the already rich (due to their access to better hunting items). In GatheringRO, a unique system of "World Bosses" was set in place in an attempt to counter this one-sided hunting system. World Bosses are extremely strong MVPs that have to be killed by a huge group of players. Upon their death, a treasure chest spawns which every player who participated in the battle can click to get his personal rewards. The usual MVPs still exist, but these World Bosses make a perfect addition that helps newbies and pros alike to acquire better items.
Moreover, the famous Endless Tower instance has been customized to include MVPs that are usually farmed by a handful of people (e.g., Tao Gunka, Memory of Thanatos). This way, every player has a chance to kill these highly rare monsters. Perhaps the most important feature is GatheringRO's unique card drop chance of 1%. MVPs are part of the game and make every aspect of it much more enjoyable. As a result, a healthy circulation of these cards is an extremely thrilling aspect of GatheringRO. Fights become much more intense and complex (Does he use GTB? Should I use Deviling? Will he use an Element? Is Ghostring the right choice now?  Is he using Stormy Knight to freeze me? Oh my, this Guillotine Cross just zerked on me!). Acquiring these cards is not extremely painful nor is it the easiest thing in the world. It will require some effort, but it will be within a reasonable time span which will make you enjoy the process of acquiring them.

GatheringRO is a renewal server with 3rd classes and even the Summoner class implemented. Given that the max Base and Job level are 250 and 120 instead of 175 and 60, PVP is a far more intense experience on this server. You will have access to all skills of your class, making fights much much more fun and making your class a lot more versatile in fights. The higher base level allows for a broader stat allocation that gives rise to different builds with fast attack speed / less skill delay which makes your class less "clunky". If you have played low rate servers, you know that fights often involve one character instantly killing the other character with a single skill as using a skill in rapid succession is almost impossible (Unless you have a Bragi slave). The MVP cards Kiel, Tao Gunka and GTB change this radically and thus give fights the necessary momentum that is so fun to experience. If you are a magic class lover and think to yourself "GTB? Oh God, why", fear no more. I've already told you the owner of this server cares a lot, which is why there are two custom MVP cards which allow magic classes to penetrate even the protection of GTB by a certain chance.
Battlegrounds offer a lot of fun as the rewards are much more than just the usual BG weapons. You can get your hands on unique custom item sets for your class or rare costumes. An NPC that is selling consumables makes fights more enjoyable as for example Genetics can buy their bottles for BG Badges.
War of Emperium is perhaps the one thing that stands out the most in Ragnarok and it is also the one thing that stands out the most in GatheringRO. On this server, you will still participate in guild fights during War of Emperium, but you will be rewarded based on your performance after the war ends. A custom currency called Emperium Fragments is in place which can be used to buy epic equipment, consumables and costumes at custom NPC shops. Furthermore, the owner of GatheringRO thought it wise to have WoE take place on a single huge MAP with all open castles accessible so that players are all gathered at one place. This ensures maximum bloodshed and competition.
Skills have been balanced to provide an enjoyable PVP experience. Players are constantly providing feedback which the Adminstration incorporates into their updates if deemed helpful.

GatheringRO's donation shop is certainly not pay to win. Players checking out will notice that it contains a lot of MVPs, but you should also be aware of the fact that key MVP cards, such as Tao Gunka or GTB, are missing. The ones that are in the shop are easily obtainable by other means and most players will prefer buying them from other players over buying them from the Donation Shop. There are very few useful ingame equipment items in the cash shop, more than 95% is purely cosmetic. Other cash shop items, such as consumables or refining items ,are also almost always obtainable through ingame means, such as with Emperium Fragments or Battleground Badges. Daily Quests (hunting monsters or items) will also give you access to many items that are in the donation shop. In other words, simply playing the game will give you everything you need (and it will not even take long as it is often the case on other servers).

Alas, this is a sad topic. GRO does not have the population it deserves. There are tons of features that you will find at no other place which make this game so much more enjoyable. If you give it a try you will notice this without a doubt. The server cares and listens to such a high degree, but players still seem to find it hard to stay as they want servers with > 500 population. It is a vicious circle. If new players don't stay GRO cannot grow. This serve requires patient players that are willing to stay and wait for it to grow with them.

The GMS are extremely friendly and listen to the player base. The admin is the complete opposite of a money loving selfish server owner. He would take decisions that favor players over his pocket any time as long as it helps the players enjoy the game. There are, of course, dramas in GRO just like on any other server. Players are bound to hate on each other in a game where you can kill each other. Asking for help in the main city (Althea, the custom main city of GatheringRO) will surely make one of the players stand up and guide you.

GatheringRO is a hidden gem in the RO scene. If you have read through this wall of text you might as well give it a shot. I have been playing on GatheringRO for 12 years and no other server has fascinated me this much. GRO needs the population it deserves.

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Re: GatheringRO - 250/120 High Rate Renewal
« Reply #1 on: Jan 08, 2018, 01:11 PM »
I so love this server that I have been playing in it for almost 7 years now!! More power gRO  /kis

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Re: GatheringRO - 250/120 High Rate Renewal
« Reply #2 on: Jan 08, 2018, 10:51 PM »
This some classic bra i played this when i was like 10

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Re: GatheringRO - 250/120 High Rate Renewal
« Reply #3 on: Jan 15, 2018, 06:10 PM »
Come and have a visit, there are tons of updates that are making the server more lively.
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