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Title: EpicRO - Lowrate Server
Post by: yennar on Dec 15, 2017, 04:11 AM
Hello everyone.

I played on EpicRO v4.0 when it opened in March, took a break for 2-3 month, played again in Juli, took another break till start of september. At the moment still playing.

About the Server:

EpicRO is low rate non renewal/rebirth and relaunched after a whipe in March 2017. This server exists since 2008 and is still running.
Rates are 3/3/3 to 5/5/3, depending on votes.
As a low rate server, there are no NPCs like job changer, buffer or a warper - so this may not be everyone's cup of tea.

The Admin himself doesn't like the pay2win mentality, so if you want to donate money, you will only get costumes for it, which are not tradeable.

About the community:

At the moment there are ~40/50 active players depending on the time. It's quite active, but not completely overrun by people, which is pretty fine.
The community itself is pretty nice, the only manko is there are almost no english people.
Discord Channel is available, the Admin/GMs are approachable, but that doesn't mean they will fullfill your wishes.

Leveling on EpicRO:

While the rates are pretty low, there are single and party quests, which gets good exp, so leveling is not that extreme.
If you start in a small group you can just do the wolf quest and you're pretty much lvl50. (You can do group quests even with yourself, Multiclienting is allowed)
Later, Quests like Rachel Sanctuary give very good exp, and after that it's simple to level with High Orc Party Quest / Hill Wind Party Quest or similar ones depending on your preferences.
Still: Low rates ARE low rates. You could sit quite a while to get a character to 99/70
Also for Areas like Nameless Island: You NEED to do the quests. And the quests are quite annoying.

Farming + Economy:

Card farming can be quite a hassle, there are only x3 drop rates. Still, it's no problem to make some zeny or farm some other gear. While there are ~15-20 shops in prontera, often popular things like Marc Cards / Raydric Cards are very rare and sell quickly.
Still it also means if you find some you can try bartering for good prices.

Custom NPCs:

Altough there is no warper or buffer, there are other custom NPCs, which can make your life easier.
Stat/Skill reset is possible, and if you are low lvl it doesn't cost much.
You can trade useless cards for card points. If you save up to 20 card points you can get an OCA. 1 card point for a gift box.
There is a healer in prontera, which heals your HP and some of your SP.


Like almost everywhere, automated events are on the server
EpicRO has also active Gms, which organise events like Raids, Monster Invasions, etc. There is often something new, because the Admin is pretty active.
There are be some bigger events for halloween, christmas etc.


Since some weeks, WoE is active. There is 1 castle to conquer.
At the moment there are 2 "big" guilds to compete. Big is "~10 players" per guild, which have not the best equipment.
If you are WoE interested, it is not that hard to compete with them.
Godlikes are disabled.


BG is also active and custom. You don't need the full 20 Players to compete, for 2 modes 6 players are enough.
KVM + KVM gear is DISABLED. Only normal BG equip.


EpicRO is a nice, active low rate server, flooded with german people (but also english client/support). Some english folks would be nice here.
Good Events, friendly people, no pay2win.
If you are interested in low rates, this may be your server.