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Author Topic: Earthbound-Ro (Ebro)  (Read 2005 times)

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Earthbound-Ro (Ebro)
« on: Feb 27, 2011, 07:18 PM »
I am writing this review to state the real happenings of EBRO.
And by that i mean i ask my self this.. "What do i See in ebro right now?, not the past."

To start off I have been a player earthbound for 4-5 years now.
I have seen it all. and pretty much know the reasons behind it  all.

The server is a GREAT "mid rate" very addicting the max level / stats match the servers rate
The community is great and can be very helpful its not the biggest YET.
Because of the small community woe is  not at its best yet
PvP when we had alot of players was always amazingly fun
The Admins as far away as they may seem always work hard for the server. Its just that the community here seems to push them away and discourage them, despite thier best efforts to keep things going smoothly. The admins do thier best to keep the community happy so its always changing for mainly the better.

we do have automated events in ebro, every 30 minutes as basic as they are its something to do until the community is big enough for the better events.
You should have no problem finding something to do here, wether its Kill time making money via our gold room, Hunting MvP's, WoE, Or basic gear hunting.

The economy... well its a decent economy for a mid rate definately  about a 8/10, despite credits running the majority of the server. bu in what server usually doesnt run by the credit currency?
Alot of people are scared and may complain its hard to get donations but really its just about you will to hunt. if you work hard enough you can earn anything easily.

Stability? I haven't ever lagged at all unless they were reloading the Npc's. Not to manny people comaplain about lag issues either.

Class balance?: amazing balance in classes and few are still in the planning stages of balancing like TKR And Gunslinger, those are slightly weaker classes atm but it wont always be like that.

Over all I'd say Try ebro for a month if you don't find yourself hooked on ebro like the rest of us, tell us why? Ebro is always looking to improve.

If i didnt cover anything you may PM me here or in game on earthbound RO as Ray of Light