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Author Topic: DREAMER RO REVIEW  (Read 4750 times)

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Offline zyedaph

« on: Mar 04, 2012, 12:04 PM »
All the ratings are from 1 - 10 (10 being the highest)

Controls : 9 / 10

Controls such as @ commands are really easy to use and if you are still new to the server, at the first spawn point it will be introduced to you by an NPC.  /heh

-1 because its kinda hard fixing your storage and inventory. hope they can create a command like @storeall or something lol

Leveling : 10 / 10

Leveling is very easy if you know how. izlu2dun is a special map where you can levelup from lvl 1 (novice) to final class (rebirth 3rd job) in just under 30 mins because of a very IMBA mercenary. just equip your mercenary skill (spiral pierce) by pressing control + r and click skill. drag your skill in any of your shortcut skills and go nuts! :)

Gears : 9 / 10

Gears are well balanced but ofc you cant take away the advantages of the donators. ALL private servers must find a way to earn cash because its pointless go through the trouble of setting up your own server without you gaining money from it. BUT the good thing is everyone can gain donation items through hard work, a lot of patience.

Also good gears can also be acquired by voting every 12 hours.

Just mix and match your gears to survive in battle ground!

Events : 9 / 10

There are many automated events throughout the day where you can enjoy and meet other people throughout the game. my favorite is the Dice event where....  just check it out  /no1

Custom Quests : 7 / 10

There are lots of quests in the game but you wont actually need to do everything because
1. you will find better gears in market
2. not every quest is required for you to become IMBA
3. and finally because... its just too long hahahaa

the quests are good like the hunting quest where you can earn lots of zenny  /lv but the thing I hate most is the Elite Hero Quest.
I know that attaining the rank of elite hero should be hard but come on guys isnt it a little too harsh? I just think that the only jobs that could reach elite are Royal guards, Snipers, Gunslingers and Wizards. Its just so damn hard because people in the arena are already IMBA and some jobs just doesnt have the proper damage to kill other heroes (even with decent equips) inside the arena. NO? then try the BISHOP class... because their 3rd job skills are banned so they have no other means to deal damage other than bashing their opponents or holy light?  /heh /swt
I think that all jobs should have other options to reach elite hero class.

Pvp : 8 / 10

PVP in this server is so nice because of the battle ground! yeah they start automatically and all you have to do is type @joinbg and you are there! there you will learn the basics of surviving and also learn tips and tricks from other people participating. At first you will be overwhelmed because you will die fast without even knowing what hit you but you will get the hang of it as you play along.

the -2 is because of the SCREEN FREEZE! dunno why this happens but I hope they can fix it soon! /no1

I would like to make another -1 because of the AFK people but to be honest its not the fault of the GM's but the  fault of the players abusing their privileges.

MVPs : 10 / 10

The MVP monsters in the game are well balanced and at first you dont understand why your damage is just 1 but sooner or later you will understand why. If you are insanely rich you can just summon the monsters using the mvp room or try your luck by using bloody branch :)

Economy : 10 / 10

The zenny here are being balanced. People can gain zenny through normal farming (monsters) and also through casino! And thanks for introducing PRESS YOUR LUCK which helps balance the economy from time to time somehow avoiding rapid increase in rare equipment prices.

Overall : 9 / 10

Its a server where you can enjoy killing other players and also have fun with your friends by raping mvp bosses and trying your luck in the casino. A well balanced server that allows even non donators to enjoy the game.   /no1