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Offline Galadx25

« on: Feb 19, 2017, 12:26 AM »
A couple things to start,
My friend invited me to join this server about two months ago, I haven't played in YEARS but I decided why not. I jump on and the server is quite small, but the Staff is amazingly attentive to any issues you have. They have a discord channel that someone is active in about 95% of the day, and the minute you bring up an issue they will begin working to fix it. Now lets talk about the server itself.

Wing System:
The wing system on this server is extremely balanced in my personal opinion. Donations won't get you the powerhouse to dominate the server, which for me is a huge plus. I play games for fun, not to buy my way to victory. There are 5 sets of base wings than can be upgraded to one of 10 different sets, all with different stats and bonuses attached.
I got my first tier wings after farming for about 2 hours after I hit 255, the second set is quite a bit more extensive to farm, I am still farming all the items to get them (Partly because I start to farm then end up going to do any event or quest and completely forget what I was doing).
There is a third tier of wings but I have no idea what the requirements are going to be.

Since I joined the server I have only experienced one time the server went down, and it was only for a matter of maybe 5 minutes. It's very stable, I am tethered to a mobile connection and I can still manage to play lag free 90% of the time but I have to assume the other 10% is on my end not the server's.

So like most private servers, you have your warper, stylist, job changer, healer, stat/skill reset, identifier, lotto, universal rental, MVP ladder, and MVP rooms.
The server also has a card roulette, trade 2 cards and 500,000 zeny for a chance at a random card that could possibly be an MVP card.
There is a mini event on the hour, nothing too exciting but its always nice to see if you might get something useful from a drop. They have monthly weekend-long events but with growth, I'm sure we would see more frequent events start to happen.
There is also a daily log in bonus for being active for 60 minutes.
Upon the creation of your first character you are given some decent items to help you level to 255, the items are also transferable to new characters but not so OP that it takes away the adventure of leveling your character.
The interface to the game all runs smoothly, no errors when clicking on things, there is a lot in the works to be implemented in the near future.
HD ores exist so after you have your weapon to level +7 you can use them to upgrade but won't break your weapon if it fails.
I have done numerous quests that all seem to function correctly with no hiccups.
There are bonuses for referrals and groups that join the server which I thought was a pretty nice incentive.
Bank works to carry zeny across all characters, as well as 600 slots of storage.
All maps work and are easily accessible, guild dungeons, instances, towns, fields, and special locations.

The community is VERY small right now, (Hence the reason for me writing this review) but every player that I've run into so far has been extremely kind and willing to assist in the most tedious of tasks. When I first started I had someone who was willing to heal me through killing MVP's to help me get to 255 quickly, and that is on top of giving me some top notch gear. (I'm willing to help in any way possible and am on quite frequently, main character's name is Nicholas shoot me a message in game)
PVP is almost non-existent ATM due to the low population, but once things pick up WoE is already implemented and ready to go. We just need more members so there are more guilds to participate.

That is all I can really think of to say while staying within the guidelines of the forum, so give us a try and get in while the server is still newish so that you can be at the top of the food chain once we start to grow! Thanks for reading!