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Author Topic: Divine Ragnarok Online - A Detailed Review  (Read 848 times)

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Divine Ragnarok Online - A Detailed Review
« on: Jul 09, 2017, 12:17 PM »
Greetings Ragnarok Online community. I am a veteran of our great MMORPG for  +10 years and running. I have tremendous experience in both playing and developing RO private servers, all rates, but mostly mid to high rates, pre-re mechanics preferred. Today I'd like to bring to attention DivineRO, a private server that has really stood out to me even after all these years of playing.
Most high rates in my experience, especially SHRs tend to have a problem with being far too overly customized to the point of having poor documentation, overpowered builds, and pay-to-win power creep as more items become harder and harder to obtain with any in-game, farmable currency. DivineRO offers players on the free-to-play route a path to the top  with questable, non-overpowered custom items equivalent to the donate shop, farmable in-game currencies that can purchase best-in-set gear, and of course, all the stability and quality of life features you have come to expect in the most professionally handled RO private servers.

Installation, Server Stability and amenities: 10/10
Registration is standard and simple, client offers opensetup, which makes customization a breeze. Server appears to be US based and very stable so far, extremely minimized downtime in the near 1 month I've been playing on this server. It's still a pretty new server, so the website is being worked on, but ultimately everything important to the player is here and working in-game. You can find all custom items, gear, consumables etc. in the customized hometown of Hyrule, @go 0. The forum is up, working and just starting to warm up with players as well. This server has every @command I've wanted so far, although to track MVP's you will need a Convex Mirror (farmable through events). Many events run hourly or bi-hourly, costume systems have been implemented, active PvP Room, lots of fun and profitable stuff to do on the side here at DivineRO!

Community and Economy: 9.9/10
Everyone here has been incredibly friendly and helpful. GM's have implemented @request if you run into any problems, and I was invited into a guild my first day here! Admittedly, as a young server the marketplace still needs to evolve a bit, our population is still rising rapidly and we should be opening WoE soon as well. Until then, no worries! Our GM has set things up for both F2P'ers and donators, most MVP cards can be purchased in the donate shop, and for F2P'ers, bubble gum to increase your MVP card drop to 10% can be farmed for pretty easily. Hurry in quickly while we're growing and you'll be able to farm all the cards you desire!

Customization: 10/10
All servers have their own customization, and DivineRO has made all excellent choices here. Pretty much everything on Ratemyserver still stands up, the only big mechanical change I've noticed is that skill delay from almost all skills has been removed, and only remains in specific skills, which can still be removed via Kiel cards/expert rings. As mentioned earlier all custom items are not overpowered, but do offer certain effects generally very similar to specific cards already in-game. More importantly all these items can be farmed for by any player, leveling any playing fields very evenly. GM is online constantly and commits changelogs to the community regularly, so balancing and tweaking is clearly an important factor here.

Ultimately I haven't played on a server like this in a long time. I've only played a month here, but this server has so many traits of servers of years past that have maintained my love for this game as long as I've had it. I hope to see our community grow as more people come to realize how balanced, friendly and fun DivineRO is.