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DivinationRO Server Review
« on: May 28, 2018, 02:13 PM »
Here is my review on DivinationRO:

Seems like a pretty normal server at first. Probably a cookie cutter low rate like all the other servers. Innovation these days are hard to find and new things are starting to become scarce as servers are more like each other as time goes on. DivinationRO has a working website, working forums, discord server.


Slardar from Dota! The website is actually pretty cool and unique. There is no ragnarok characters anywhere so the game style is kind of ambiguous. Nonetheless, the website looks pretty cool and all the links seem to work and aren't dead. They have a rankings system in which they show PVP/MVP/WOE/Breaker rankings, then there is a characters rankings on the side, and castle owners and times as well. Pretty standard, lots of servers have those now, the website is clean and all the links work which is nice.



Traditional Invision Board forums, has a logo on it which is nice, but not too bad. There is lots of guides in the section there and a shoutbox for chatting. Pretty normal, nothing over the top, looks pretty standard so far. A cool feature they have is your in-game account is linked to the forums so that you can login the forums with your game account rather than go through the grueling process of activation verification and always forgetting passwords and username. That is nice bonus in my books.


In-Game Experience

Okay, here is where things get juicy and the mind gets blown. It is done very well and it is developed in detail.

Images to show you server info, it is organized, clean and straight forward. I don't have to go through a conglomerate of text boxes trying to skip through and read it all. It is very visual and appealing. It tells me all the server features and the server info. Pretty cool, but I am not mind blown yet, it is a nice visual appeal.

I talk to an NPC called Professor Oak, okay great, they have Pokemon pets, I have seen very badly done Pokemon pets that serve no purpose at all so I am a little skeptical at first. I get to choose a starter Pokemon, Charmander/Bulbasar/Squirtle/Pikachu, okay okay, I'll pick Charmander, thats my fav.

When I arrive in the main town, I get these costume items. Armor costume, Upper, lower, mid. No idea what they do, I'll find out later. Turns out, they can "Morph" into any headgear you choose. I have the selection from the entire iRO database, or of the thousands of customs that they have. The coolest part besides being able to customize your look a million different ways, is that there is no "restrictions" to where the costume equipment can go. Okay that is confusing... For example, Gentlemans Pipe is normally a lower headgear, so I can no longer have a wing or another lower headgear costume. But this system allows players to choose whatever look they want in any slot they want. I can have two wings if I really wanted to and look like a complete jackass that should be banned. But the possibilities of customizations are endless and that is one thing I have not seen in any other server. You can also customize your class look too. I am running around looking like a Baby acolyte, but I am a Champion in disguise. This is truly a customize your character to whatever look you want.



I am already impressed by the costume system, and now the gameplay is even more amazing. There are over 200+ Pets in the game! And they all support and help the player out. When greatest general is slapping me with his chopsticks, Charmander goes and gives him the business. He literally becomes toast. I am also able to hire a priest, so it heals/buffs me and I also have a mercenary. b****, I am running a full team with a healer, mercenary for damage, and a badass pet that attacks. Solo experience becomes very fun and leveling to 99 is becoming a joy rather than a grind.

When we have a party of 3 going, we have like 12 things running around smashing things while we loot the goods.

Awesome gameplay.

Notable Features

Cedi Card System: I heard this existed in RebirthRO, but basically I can turn my crappy cards into something useful. That is cool, I don't see that system too often

Wild Pokemon: You can catch Wild Pokemon that spawn on random maps with a Pokeball. Pretty cool. When you have extras, you can trade extra Pokemon in and trade it for evolution stones or rare candies that can either evolve or power up your pokemon.

Pokedex: You can actually check progress of your Pokedex and register the Pokemon you have caught and see your progress. I just got to 50 and Oak gave me an unlimited Battle Manual/Bubble gum. So the rewards are sweeeeet.

@CheckMVP: A custom command which shows which MVPs are alive/dead - Helps me from mobsearching on every map to check, very convenient

Casino & Poring Race: Lets players gamble Zeny for their custom in-game currency. Cool games like Blackjack, Roulette, Slots. I win sometimes, so it is not rigged

Lucky Roulette System: Allows players to roll for cool prizes and items

Floating Rates: Player controlled rates, which is nice, it goes up to 18x

There is so many good things to say, I hope the server grows, I think it is very custom and is very promising. People should give it a try just to see.


Offline Jasc

Re: DivinationRO Server Review
« Reply #1 on: Jun 02, 2018, 12:13 PM »
Thank you for the kind review, it has been difficult times to get players, hopefully we can make your time worthwhile soon

Offline HectorV

Re: DivinationRO Server Review
« Reply #2 on: Jun 07, 2018, 03:31 AM »
I think this server will make it to the top 5 servers.

  • 2000+ Costumes
  • Unique Costume System that can be anything from iRO or Custom from their huge database
  • 200+ Custom Support Pets
  • Custom Instances
  • Hardcore mode with boosted drop rates

It has lots of unique features only this server has, definitely separates itself from the pack

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Re: DivinationRO Server Review
« Reply #3 on: Jun 13, 2018, 09:50 AM »
Lots of reasons to play this server right now.

Community is really friendly, and the population is starting to grow. Players are inviting friends and group play is becoming very entertaining. The servers customizations and features speak for itself and really start to show when more players play. Hope to see you all there, this server is worth the try.