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Author Topic: Storm RO. A place to be  (Read 1444 times)

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Offline vohoangquan1996

Storm RO. A place to be
« on: Apr 30, 2017, 07:48 AM »
Hi guys, i've been play RO for a very very long time. and yet i've tried a lot of servers. Each server has its unique feature.  But in the end, I found myself attached to mid-rate ( non or semi-customized ) renewal server with renewal mechanic of course. Been through a lot of them tho (NovaRO, LimitRO, Woon Reload, Casual RO ... ). They are good servers. By "good" i mean very good. However, its always a problem for guys like me. We dont have much time so semi low-rate like NovaRO is not quite suitable for us. Then, i've been digging through RMS to find the one that suits me best. Finally, last month, i found Storm RO.

Here are some features about Storm RO:
-Newly open, just have our 1 month anni last week.
-Mid rate for better leveling and farming. Customized rate for MVPs. To be honest, some equipment is even harder to farm than mvp card itself  /sob.
-Active WoE, 5 times a week. with more than 30 participants.   /no1.
-Active BG for badges since it is one of our main currency.
-Obtainable Cash shop item. In fact we dont even have donation system right now  /omg. All item from cash shop is accquired through exchanging ygg berries into cash.
-Renewal server with new content like Central Lab, Charleston Crisis, Endless Cellar, Geffen Magic Tourament and still to come since GMs are working their donkey up for new updates
-Doram!!! Yes you heard me right. Doram baby. Although we don't have the newest Doram skill tree yet ( already there but not working).
-No MvP room to prevent MVP cards abuse. Bossinia which requires ticket and only available for 24h a week.
-Quest-based server. Updated one in a while for new headgears and equipments.
-Lotti Girl which require zeny for lmited time headgear. /gg
-Daily reward.

My personal experience on this server is good. And these are my rating for them:
-Donation Level: Unavailable
-Customization Level: 2/10 ( its doesn't mean the server has bad customization, it means the server has very little customization )
-Server stability: 8/10 ( Doesn't have lag tho. However having no game guard at this moment is its downside, GMs are working on Gepard tho)
-Server availability: 9/10 ( Maintain once a week ).
Community: 8/10 ( Helpful, full of automate events, and GM-held event for special occasion  )
Game-Play: 8/10 ( there always be cry babies, even if GMs tried their best to BALANCE, not to NERF a class )

RMS page: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=19493&itv=6&url_sname=Storm%20Ragnarok%20Online
Home page: http://storm.ro-gaming.net/
Community page (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/groups/stormrocommunity/
Server Time: GMT +8 ( i play from different time zone but havent experienced any lag )

See you in game soon. IGN: Kamiio


Offline 1ilyavlad1

Re: Storm RO. A place to be
« Reply #1 on: Apr 30, 2017, 08:00 PM »
You're wrong, the server is not very good.

Server stability: 7/10
Server availability:2/10 (Do not Maintain Once a Week)
Community: 1/10 ( No Helpful,little  of automate events, and GM is not responsive, both in the game and on Facebook(70-79% of the responses)  )

And what about the other, everything is correct

Offline vohoangquan1996

Re: Storm RO. A place to be
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2017, 04:35 AM »
How long have you played this server? Cause from what i've seen, we have new updates / balance adjustment / bug fix everyweek. About the community, there're many players willing to help newbies. And GMs arent irresponsive, they just don't have time to respond to your request early but they do respond within 1-2 days tho. Btw, GM shouldnt be in game regularly in the first play. Don't expect them to respond in game.