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Title: Capturing the Essence of Ragnarok...
Post by: Creambrulei on Mar 12, 2018, 02:05 PM
Capturing the essence of Ragnarok… The server really lived up to my expectations…

What I love a about ERO is for the first time, I was able to experience the 3rd job class. Who wouldn’t love to see a wug aiding a ranger in farming or in a battle and having an arrow skills that supersedes arrow shower and double strafe since they deal massive damage, as well as an arch bishop doing party heal and AB.

It has a variety of events that the beginner, average and advanced players can appreciate. Both old and new players will surely love them. If they are into exhibiting their strategy and fighting prowess either as an individual player or a group/guild, the server offers a wide array of events like battleground, PVP, death match, survival arena, and War of the Emperium. They are enjoying their third job skills in doing MVP hunts.

Moreover, it has also cute games like poring catcher, and click the crazy chicken. It also has the unique events like King of the Castle wherein the players get bonus stats.

There are many cute items and costumes to choose from. Some of them can even be customized! Who wouldn’t love to see floating books and staff and violet aura!

Economically speaking, the pricing of the items are just balanced.

The GM’s are really accommodating and experts in their fields. They are ready to respond for example if there is a bug in the server and the other needs of the gamers.

They value the Voice of the Ragna gamers via @request, forum and #suggestion.

It’s a global server. You can interact with people from around the world through the chat in-game and/or discord, using the universal language, English. It’s nice to see different ideas from these amazing gamers!

If you’re worried about the server’s stability, worry not. Essence RO is back for good.

This one is a mid-rate server to recon with. It’s very convenient for students, workers and even married people.

You won’t have a hassle in downloading the game. It’s just a piece of cake.

Hope to see you in our ERO adventure!

Happy Ragna gaming! 

~From a Ragna Enthusiast