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Blackout RO
« on: Mar 17, 2008, 06:54 PM »
So, this is my first review.
Enough of me. Lets get to the point.

Blackout RO is by far one of the BEST servers I have been in.

It's 5k,3k,10k. The rates. :)
Max level is 500/120, the experience becomes like 50k once you find a party.
There's Jobra[Job Master, but I call it Jobra since I'm so used to KKRO], Donation, Healer, Etc.

Availability. Stability. This server is basically always on, and lag free.

Community. A little bit off here. People will always kill you if you go to PvP, gld_dun, and etc. But don't people kill you in PvP in every server?

Events. We get events about every week. There are 2 WoE per week, we have monster invasion, which is a chance to earn some money, and we can about weekly-ish events. This week we has a Brain Freeze event (Spamming Ice Cream and if u freeze urself, you don't die.)

GMs. I just love the GMs. They're almost always on, they are willing to help you, and they even duel you. :) Although it's impossible to kill them. And they are always doing their job to maintain the server and catch bots and hackers. Yay GMs! :D

The Game Play is great. The classes are actually balanced. Sort of. SinX are always mega powerful with their Soul Destroyers, but if you use some Anti-Phys Atk cards, you can kill them like *Snaps fingers.*
Creators are also  deadly with their Acid Demons, but it misses against Pneuma, and it's decreased by 500% against Ghostring card. (Ghostring isn't a real hard card to get)

Economy. People who donate always get the unfair advantage, but people sell the donation items for zenies. Other than that, it's great.

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