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« on: Aug 31, 2018, 05:54 PM »
Good day everyone, and hello to RMS forums! Admittedly, I have been rather inactive for many years now, but will be presenting a rather unique server that I feel deserves an in-depth look due to its breaking of immersion from today's typical monotony that is often found within the SHR community.

Server Specifics:
Administration/Co-Administration: Perry the Platypus & Vanilla
Rate: SHR (Super High Rate)
Released: December, 2017 (Beta)
RMS Listing: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&preview=1&serid=19992&url_sname=AnomalyRO

Without further ado, the review of AnomalyRO.

Why Play AnomalyRO???

So, is AnomalyRO truly the anomaly is claims to be?  Is it up to snuff, or is it just another server?

I feel this section is important in this day and age of Ragnarok Online; possibly the most important part of the review really.  Below is a little snapshot of some of the features that can be found on AnomalyRO that differ from the norm.

An intelligible Wiki: https://www.anomalyro.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
Whether you need information on levelling, class specifics or even quests, everything you'll need is logged here, and in a professional manner that makes it easy to use.

Numerous QoL Custom Client Edits: From optimisations that phase out some of Gravity's questionable coding choices, to in-game Wiki directories, AnomalyRO's client touts convenience, that's for sure.
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Unfamiliar custom icons are "equipped arrow", Soul Link effect and Maya Purple effect respectively.  Similar instances exist for Elemental Converters as well.

In-Game Help Feature: By using the /helpicon feature, players can see Wiki info in-game, right inside the client.
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Achievement System: AnomalyRO supports a Steam-esque achievement system for in-game feats, and specific achievements grant prizes which are received in your mailbox upon retrieval.
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Less Divide Between the Rich & Poor: Players just starting out may feel overwhelmed, but it's not particularly hard to get up and running functionally to participate in BG/WoE.  This is because of headgear all possessing the same effects (although they can be Enchanted, that is essentially nigh end-game content), and there are numerous custom cards available with Tao-like and Kiel-like effects to help you out.  While slightly inconvenient due to lessened effects compared to true counterparts, these cards will ensure you can compete decently well in a team setting.  Additional to this, donations are mostly cosmetic or convenience, and the Gold Room is very approachable for everyone.

Custom Battlegrounds Queue & Reward System: A system that essentially groups players together based on class, resulting in more interesting and (usually) fair team layouts compared to the default formula that Gravity implemented.  Additionally, extra tickets, Upgraded Card Albums and care packages containing useful consumables are given to players who consistently play BG, giving incentive to play more.

Custom BG Armours: Like most servers, AnomalyRO sports a number of unique custom armours through the BG shop that cater to specific classes or builds and optimise them.
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... and many more.

Headgear Enchanting System: Here on AnomalyRO, all HG is the same, but we have an Enchanting system that allows players to transform their favourite HG into something that wholeheartedly complements their favourite classes and play-styles.  The first column is a Defensive perk, the second column is an Offensive perk, and the third column is a Utility perk.  Effects vary depending on which HG they've chosen (upper, mid or lower) and there are numerous effects that can be chosen as seen below.
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(Credits to Saku for the first image)
As can be seen, rolling the dice ranges from 1 ~ 10% effectiveness for most Enchantments that can be picked, resulting in a Zeny sink for the server that yields a more well-rounded character if desired.  Players who are just starting out who cannot afford many rolls still have a decent chance of getting a roll between 6 ~ 8, while seasoned veterans with heavy pockets can try their luck for a perfect Enchant; the system works well for all walks.  There is of course the chance of rolling undesirable results as well, but there is an achievement for doing so! So don't be too sad!

Technical Ratings: This section will focus on the specifics of the boring but essential side of things.  How well the server functions, how often you can expect to play it, etc.
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Community Ratings: This section will delve into the community's liveliness and willingness to help out those in need, and will collectively outline its strengths and weaknesses.
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Game Master Ratings: This section delves into GM specifics, and covers what you can expect here at AnomalyRO.
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Game-Play Ratings: Here you will see specifics from an everyday standpoint as a player regarding trading, battling and GvG.
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Conclusion: Here you will find the final score based on the above data, and a few final thoughts.
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