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An Honest Nova RO Review
« on: Jun 29, 2017, 12:59 PM »
Hello Everyone,

My name is Donnie, I am a former player from another low rate server and also iRO.

I am posting this review to share my experience playing on Nova's Ragnarok online. So before I start, this review will be coming from someone who is new to the Renewal system (Played on another low rate pre-renewal server) and iRO (Back in Pre-Renewal days) so please forgive me if I will be missing some stuff as I am still in the middle of exploring the Renewal system. I have played for a full month so it will be based on someone really new who has nothing, started from scratch. Both knowledge and item wise.

This is gonna be lengthy so please bear with it and without further delay.. I will state first the PROS:

1. Easy to Install - 10 / 10

From registering (I actually did not register as I have an old account long ago but I did not play that time so I ended up recovering my log in details) to downloading the game and installing it. Everything is flawless. Nova's installer is complete, no need to install anything else. After installing, run it's patcher and play. For me, this is a big plus as not all people who play RO are tech savy. So this is a big plus for them.

2. Server Stability - 9/10

From the 1 month I have played (2 - 3 hours weekdays / Whole day weekends) I only got disconnected once. And I think it's even my ISP's problem. All is smooth, lag free. Even if there are tons of players on screen, this server holds up very well. Smooth and no lags. Good job here guys.

3. Forum section, Guides and Walkthrough - 9 / 10

Another plus here. Their forum is pretty active. People posting every now and then. I am mostly a solo person but once in a while I visit their forums to read stuff. Lots of walkthroughs, threads and guides for all sort of things put up by either the staff or players. For people who solo like me and does not really chat too much, this is a big plus as I can just research and read up things for knowledge. Again, good job here guys.

4. The Community - 8 / 10

This is the servers strength, It's people. They have a chat channel for every purpose. In the 3 times I asked for information (I always do things on my own so pardon me on this if it may sound unrelated) there were always a bunch of people who are willing to give you advice. And even on my no gear merchie days, a player even offered to get rid of some MVP spawned outside of Morroc who is pestering me on my leveling, he stayed with me roaming on the map just to look for it. Whoever you are, thank you for that. Also, every now and then I see GM's assisting other players on the support chat, though there were also days that I kind of don't feel they are around. Well running and managing a server is tough so I understand that part. Still a good job here guys.

5. The Economy - 8 / 10

Item demands and supply fluctuates and that is good. Which only means that the economy is very much active. Item prices for pro level gears are high. but it's not something that you won't be able to achieve if you play actively. While I consider myself a casual player only, it's not really hard to gear yourself as there are plenty of options no matter what Zeny you have. So overall, it's not hard to catch up. If you had played on the official server you will know what I mean when we say "Farm".

6. Bot Protection 10 / 10

Bot Free! I love servers who block bots. While i heard there were some who manages to bot, they get caught and eventually be punished for it. While some would argue that bots keep prices low, IMO its stupid as it makes it hard for new players to farm as you can never outperform a bot in farming. Bots are bots, they never tire. 24/7 they will scour every single corner of the map to kill and farm while you are desperately trying hard, getting tired hungry and sleepy. So I salute Nova and GM's for this.

7. Content - 9/10

This server has loads of events. Both automated and active. Every season they seem to have one and while I haven't joined one, I like the fact that people have something else to do other than grind, pvp, mvp etc. Their Instances seem to be also working well as stated by other players I spoke with. And again for solo people like me, they have enabled commands which are very very helpful. And if you are being lazy, all the NPC you would ever need are in every town with the main being in Prontera. Also, there are no OP items in the Cash shop! More Yaay! I've had enough seeing people with LKH and other IMBA gears. So nothing else to say here but again Good job guys.

Ok so now lets get to the Cons. This will just be a few and a MATTER OF PERSONAL TASTE. So others may not agree with it. But here goes:

1. Multi Client

I am not really a fan of multiple clients as it kinda devalues the idea of party leveling. While yes I am a solo player, It kind of lowers the oppurtunity of people being on parties. Yes leveling is easy, but it's always more fun when u have people to play with. You need to really look for a Guild if you want people whom you will be with and play regularly. I do see people once in a while shouting LFP's but mostly are on Instances and of course, not all people are ready for that. But I guess this is way better than playing on a server filled with bots.

2. Headgear Quests

This is more of a wish. Please add more headgear quests. I mean the one thing you can be proud of in RO is how your character looks right? And in RO, Headgears are the thing. So this is something I know they are working on and I am looking forward to it guys.

3. More ways to Donate

Yes! Please add more options to donate. Please add the option to either use a Debit or a Credit card as there are people who don't use Paypal and has access to plastic.

And that's about it. I did not include BG / WOE / PVP as I have not tried that yet so I cannot really say too much about it. So far, every moment I had with the server has been fun and I can safely say I will be staying here for a long time. Kudos to Nova and the Staff. Sure there will be jerks and trolls but that is to be expected as every server will have that.

This has been really long so I will end it here. Thank you again Nova RO for giving me a fun experience and to RMS for hosting this. Take Care always guys and thanks for reading!

IGN - Annecka (Blacksmith), Bocelli (Minstrel)
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