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Author Topic: SeireiteiRO Low Rate Style  (Read 1498 times)

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Offline Jasc

SeireiteiRO Low Rate Style
« on: Feb 10, 2018, 05:38 PM »
I am looking for some feedback from the community as I currently am in the planning stages and not entirely sure if I want to go ahead with the project.

Server concept: Super High Rate server (No leveling required), low rate style 99/70, custom modifications, focused on PVP,WoE,MVP

Player base: Target the casual/competitive players that enjoy the 99/70 max level/job level

Perspective of a new player: Okay, I just downloaded this server, lets boot the game up. Oh look, I am already max level. Looks like I still have to go hunt monsters for cards and equipment still besides the gear I start out with. Let's see what quests they have. Oh, they have all the original iRO quests but also some custom stuff with @quest. They reward players for WoE participation, conquering a castle, PVP points on kills, and also each MVP also gets me points. Different things for people to do depending on what they like. That is good....... right?

What is different from this server as opposed to a WoERO?
  • Custom modifications such as a Shikai Buff or a Bankai Buff (Bleach themed)
  • Infinite progression system - A player can become increasingly stronger as they play more with the increase becoming more difficult each time
  • Auto Equipping Command - Players can build different item builds and switch equipment on the fly (Allowing players to fight different classes very quickly, more advanced gameplay)
  • Rankings (MVP/PVP/WOE/BREAKER rankings all recorded and updated right on the website) Top 3 from each category each month accumulate points towards infinite progression and then rankings reset (Competitive every month)
  • Pet Evolution System - Companion Pokemon pet 200+ to choose from (Random chance of finding evolution stones to increase their help damage against monsters)

While this is all theoretical, I have no idea if it really will work after putting it together. There is no point in competing against the likes of TalonRO and NovaRO, I would rather go the customized route instead and be unique instead of a copy cat.

Let me know your thoughts, feedback, constructive criticism, all is welcome for discussion.

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Offline vesper

Re: SeireiteiRO Low Rate Style
« Reply #1 on: Feb 10, 2018, 10:19 PM »
If you want to focus on PVP rather than PVE, I think you need to make game totally different from current RO system.

It's common sense : You should farm "cannot be frozen" card such as druid card for WOE, and you should farm mushroom spores to join WOE as alchemist class.
Such farming is common in WOE, but if you want to PVP contents, I think things should be different.

Think about LOL or DOTA, did developers push people to farming some golds before the game? No.
Do Pro-players farm their own items before the global league? No.
AOS game such as LOL and DOTA is kind of miniature RPG, repeated every game.
People plays LOL and DOTA for years with their ranks and some skins, nothing more than that. Everytime they farm golds inside the game, no needs to farm before the game,
and those all things from farming doesn't go with next game. You need to farm again, to kill all of your enemies.
Same things apply with FPS genre. You don't need to farm Hanzo's arrow, and some medkits before the game started in Overwatch.

I don't agree with the idea that people can get some additional specialties when they play more than other people. It's opposite situation compared to above.
The point is that how to make people consistently play your server with only PVP contents.
Usually RO makes you play RO continuously by making farming time longer, even take 1 month or 2 months to become strongest player in the game. But I assume you don't want that.
You need different solution to make people stay in your server.

Offline Jasc

Re: SeireiteiRO Low Rate Style
« Reply #2 on: Feb 11, 2018, 04:14 PM »
I think you bring up some valid points.

For sure a different solution would be required to make players stay in the server. That being said, RO is not really considered a MOBA or FPS game like League or Overwatch. While Moba like scripts can be created as an addition to the original gameplay, perhaps it is not the heart of RO itself. Maybe after 1-2 months people do get bored and stop playing. Unless the game is so drastically changed itself which it doesn't even become RO anymore just to get players to stay.